Tis The Winter Wedding Season

Everyone wants a summer wedding, which makes a lot of sense, weather wise. Summer weddings give you the option of an indoor and outdoor space, you have more daylight, and the weather is warm. But because you, as the couple know this, it means the wedding industry knows this too, thus why summer weddings cost an arm and a leg. If you book your wedding in the late fall or winter, out of peak season, many venues (and sometimes vendors) have lower prices.

I know, I’m supposed to be all about saving money and I chose a summer wedding. Sadly, while winter in Maine is beautiful, it’s also dangerous and unpredictable, and since most of my guests are travelling, I can’t take the chance of a winter storm ruining their travel. Sometimes, summer is just the appropriate time.

If you are able to do a winter wedding, I absolutely recommend it, especially if your budget is tight! It is a beautiful season, where the snow provides a perfect backdrop for pictures!

A winter wedding also allows for adorable decorations, food and favors!

I wanted hot cocoa at my wedding, but in summer, it doesn’t exactly make sense. In the winter though, a hot cocoa bar might be just the thing for a cold night!

When considering cost over what you want, remember that holidays are going to be more expensive, even in the winter. A Christmas wedding is a wonderful idea, but the logistics and cost can be quite difficult. The Christmas season would be such a romantic time to get married, but chances are you are going to pay big bucks when it comes to vendors.

You might consider a Christmas elopement, and throw a party later, like in January or February, when costs go down again.

If you can, really consider a winter wedding. It’s just as beautiful, and more cost effective! You’d be surprised how many thousands you can actually save! And if you are still not convinced, you MUST check out a photo shoot from Carly Mitchell Photography. The photo at the beginning of this post is just an example, but it is GORGEOUS! It almost made me want to change my wedding date!

Happy Planning!


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