A Winter Engagement

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our lovely photographer had to cancel. These are things that happen when planning. This is probably the first of little snafus that are going to come along. I’d say we handled it pretty well, multitudes of e-mails were sent and the search was on for a photographer.

After a tireless search we are so happy to have found a wonderful photographer that is a really great fit for us! We are so excited to shoot our engagement session with her!

But now the engagement session is a winter session. So I need to find new inspiration, and new fun ideas for a shoot in the winter!

First and foremost it is SUPER important that we get some fun shots.

I love these photos, especially the one on the right! Part of an engagement shoot is to show off your personality as a couple and just have fun!

Photo By: Amalie Orrange PhotographyNo Credit Known For Photo On Right

Photo By: Amalie Orrange Photography
No Credit Known For Photo On Right

Everyone wants to see your jewelry! Why not get an awesome photo of your gorgeous ring!

The best thing about doing a photo shoot in December is making it Christmas-y! I love these photos!

And of course, take in the general splendor of the winter time! It may be cold but the snow paints a gorgeous backdrop for your shoot! I was worried because we wouldn’t have the springtime beauty, but the winter (as you can see) can be just as beautiful, and I’m really excited to finally have pictures of us!

Anyone have a photo-shoot done in the winter? What did you do?


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