Lots Of Photoshop Work To Do

So I haven’t been “wedding” busy in months. Sometimes life just gets in the way. We have to worry about bills and food and making sure we have enough money to make it through and sometimes that makes it too hard to buy DIY supplies, or to even have the energy to be happy about the upcoming wedding. Sometimes all we see are dollar signs. Of course this is all depressing and I don’t want to be too obnoxious about this stuff because that’s not what this blog is entirely about.

The problem I see is that if websites aren’t just telling brides about the pretty side of weddings, than they are just giving us hard facts about wedding budgets and money tips. Take it from someone who is going through it all. Saving money for a wedding is hard. I can understand why brides are so stressed, and how they go into debt. It’s a difficult road when you are on a timeline.

Alright. Enough of all that. There is some “wedding work” that doesn’t cost me anything but my creative juices, and that is Photoshop work. To save some money I decided to all my own stationery. If that sounds like an undertaking…it is. I recommend it to only those who are sure to get everything done on time. I’m not even sure I can take it all on.

Here are some of the things that are necessary when you are your own stationary maker:

Save-the-date cards. These are especially important if you have most of your guests coming from far away. These can be anything you want them to be. Your invitations are more formal, but your save the dates can be fun and quirky. The good thing is, they don’t really require much work, depending on what you want to do.

Photo From: The Wedding Chicks

Invitations (obviously super important), but it’s not just a card with your date, time and place on it. You need to also include, an R.S.V.P. card and an envelope, a map and directions card, and any other information that you need to include for your guests.

Photo From: Etsy

Programs are another necessity of your stationary. It is nice for your guests to know what is going to happen in your ceremony, not to mention letting your programs serve dual purpose as a fan!

If this wasn’t a tall enough order, I am considering two more things that will make the reception fun for everyone:

Photos From: Etsy & The Wedding Chicks

I, like I’m sure most brides, don’t want to anyone to be bored during the wedding day, so I thought it might be nice to include some games at the tables. That IS if I can get my act together and get to them!

There is a ton of work involved to make stationary for your wedding, but the up side is it will be all your own style with no one else’s hand in it. You can do or make whatever you want! I encourage those of you who have the means to make your own stationary, you should try it!


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