ENGAGED (Finally)!

So after about 10 months (give or take) of planning a wedding, I can finally (and officially) say I am 100% engaged! Doing things the financial way is obviously not the traditional way. As many of you may or may not know, we went and picked out a ring for me last October and had to put the ring on lay away because it was the most financially sensible thing for us to do. Finally, after such a long time of making payments, we have finally paid it all off! If you haven’t paid off a debt yet, I HIGHLY recommend it and not for financial or credit reasons…just so you can feel the high of realizing you don’t have to pay that bill ever again!

But of course I am going to share the proposal story with you!

The first thing you should know about my hubby-to-be is that he is AWFUL at keeping surprises a secret…just awful. So for a week leading up to the actual proposal it was, “Oh I can’t wait to propose to you! It’s going to be so awesome!” This was followed by me saying, “Quit it! You’ll ruin the whole thing by telling!” That’s the funny thing about living with your best friend who is also your husband. The only person you really have to tell fun things to is that other person, and when you can’t tell them, then you are sort of busting at the seams. I may have known it was coming, but the surprise was actually in the planning and work he put into it.

The second thing you should know is that I’m not a flashy person. I like things fairly simple, cut and dry. I am saving the flash for the wedding! I had already prepped my hubby-to-be that I didn’t want any stadium proposals, or anything in front of a crowd. No offense to those that like that, I just think I would feel super awkward standing around watching the spectacle and waiting for the proposal I already know is coming.

Alright the story:

It was a normal Saturday night for me. I worked all day, I don’t get home till around midnight every work day, and he’s usually in bed when I get home because he works early. Tonight he was awake, and when I came in he greeted me along with my cat and dog (because they are super hungry when I get home). He said, “I have something for you, but first get into some comfy clothes, then meet me back downstairs.” I immediately had an inkling of what was going on, so I rushed upstairs to change. When I came back down, he handed me a box. This box had no handle, no latch, nothing. “Open it,” he said smiling at me, “You get two hints from me if you need them.” It took me at least 5 minutes to open the box (and yes, I used all my hints).

I fully expected to find the ring inside, but he wouldn’t let me off that easy! Inside was a memory card for the computer. Upon putting it in I discovered an encrypted file that was password protected, that’s when he handed me another puzzle.

As I took apart the puzzle ball, I noticed that he had written numbers on each piece, which would be the password for the memory card. It wasn’t too difficult to figure out: 082413, our wedding date! Once the memory card was opened, I got to read the first part of a story he had written. He took our story, how we fell in love, and made it into a fairy tale, starting with “Once Upon A Time” and everything! After I finished reading the first part of the story, I looked through all the pictures on the card, many were of Paris, and couples in love, then a picture of our bookshelf where he had placed a new book called “Paris. It turned out that the Paris book was a hollowed out book, and inside, two USB memory drives.

One said “Lady of the Laurels” because that’s who I was in the story (and well Lauren, Laurels…) and the other said “Eternity” The former I could read, but the latter had a password. I proceeded to read the second part of the story, we’ll call it the “tumultuous part” because every story has conflict, and no relationship story is all roses and rainbows. And once I was finished reading, I scrolled through pictures of different puzzles all around the house that I had to collect, as well as a fill-in-the-blank page with a phrase to fill out, all to get the password for the second USB drive.

After I collected all the puzzles, upon taking each one apart, I could see that the piece to each had letters that formed one word of the phrase I had to fill in.

After finding all the words and putting them in the fill-in-the-blank, it spelled out, “My Love Will Always Be Yours” and the words “Always” and “Love” were in brackets to indicate the password. My fiance sure doesn’t do anything halfway! He promised he’d make me work for it!

After opening the second USB drive, I got to read part three of the story, our “Happily Ever After,” and there was also a picture of a dragonfly box hidden in the house.

This puzzle box was much easier to open and on the inside……

That’s when I turned around, he got down on one knee and proposed. Of course a “YES!” was said. And that was that! It was too late to call anyone, which was actually nice, and we spent the rest of the evening relaxing and cuddling. I also spent more time memorizing how to open and close the first puzzle box because it was super cool. I’m glad we had that little moment together, all to ourselves, and it’s so fitting that he wrote our love story, when books is our theme! Big points babe! I love you!

Ah yes, and the jewelry I have been waiting so long to wear!

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and has a stress-FREE black Friday! I will be staring at my BLING! 🙂


2 thoughts on “ENGAGED (Finally)!

  1. Woop woop! Tre barn minsann. Jag har två. Och först nu, klockan nio sätter jg mig ner i lugn och ro för första gången sen lunchkaffet på jobbet. Och om några minuter trillar gäster in på vin och snack.Och vardagen, jag gillar den. Verkligen. För den där fräegskadnsln som jag nu har slår allt.

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