Learning About The “Self”

It’s ridiculous how much you learn about your partner when you are living with someone, planning a wedding with someone. Being an avid reader of the Huffington post (wedding section of course) there are tons of articles on human relationships that are so interesting. So I thought I would take a moment and maybe impart some of the wisdom I’ve gleaned from some of the articles I’ve (and he’s) read.

#1 Don’t be overly critical of your significant other. This can be super difficult for people who are “Type A” personalities. That is, those of us (me included) that feel the need to keep in total control of our lives. If the other person in our lives is more laid back, we Type A people have a tendency to be over critical. I love the article from the Huff Post that talked about this problem. The woman in the story realized that if she fixed herself and her behavior, her husband was more willing to do for her, what she needed. Check the awesome article out here! It’s really worth the read!

#2 Comes from a great blog called “Single Dad Laughing.” He wrote 2 great blogs about ways he “blew” his marriage. I enjoyed reading his blog, AND so did my hubby-to-be! After we both read it, we hugged each other and made promises to be better. Of course I had to share some of his wisdom with you all. So #2 is Don’t be Stingy with Money. This one is where I am a huge offender. I want to take every spare penny and stick it in the bank to save for later.

Money is such a huge thing that drive couples apart. It’s one of those things you should just talk about as you get serious with someone. Complaining about money and the way money is spent in the household is never helpful. Before you get to a place where you are irritated with each other, have a “money talk.” It may be a sensitive subject, but it is so important to lay your financial self bare so that your spouse knows every little dirty detail. This is also about trust. Allowing your spouse to spend the money he or she wants is saying “I trust you.”

Photos By: One Eye Click

#3 Comes from the same article but an AWESOME point. Don’t stop having fun together! You have to remember why you fell in love. Weddings are super stressful. I’ve talked to brides who had many sleepless nights over the stress of wedding planning. This makes it more important than ever to have as much fun as possible! Passion ebbs and flows, but your friendship with your significant other needs to be solid forever. Don’t forget why you are best friends! Go out and be silly, laugh together and just generally have an awesome time. More of his great advice here and here!

Alright guys, I have onneeee more thing to say….I’M OFFICIALLY ENGAGED!!! The whole story coming to the blog soon! To find out why I had to wait check out this post! Layaway Ring


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