A Fun Techy DIY

So this week I made the switch over from Android to iPhone. I have a lot of Apple products so it wasn’t a huge adjustment, but it’s always fun to get a new gadget. Some girls like clothes, others like shoes, I love gadgets. I practically spent the whole day playing with it and learning tricks and fun stuff to do.

So in between having fun with my new phone a friend of mine (who also happens to be my videographer) found an awesome techy DIY idea and I want to share it with you all!

What if there was a way to rig it, where you can get a camera into your bouquet?

Now some ingenious person has figured it out! Using a small camera called a GoPro, a man made a rig where he could stick the camera in the bouquet, cover it with flower petals, and he was able to film his bride’s perspective coming down the aisle.

The GoPro is super tiny and shoots HD video, and on top of that it’s made for action, so it’s lightweight and durable.


Now this isn’t some commercial for this camera, in truth I’ve never used it, and it is pretty expensive. But the idea was too cool not to share! If you are hiring a videographer, suggest the idea to them! Here are the links to the videos for the How To and the End Result! And here is what it looks like:


My favorite part of the story is that the husband thought the whole idea up! What a sweet hubby!


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