Why Trash Your Dress?

Photo By: Nadine

I love this photo. Like…a huge fan. First of all, it would be so much fun to have paint chucked at me, and to potentially chuck paint at my hubby-to-be. Basically I want to be in a photo shoot where I get to chuck paint.

But in all the photos of trash the dress I’ve seen (especially those where paint is involved) is entirely trashed.

I hate to say it, but I cannot bear to see the dress I walk down the aisle in be trashed. But who wants to miss out on all that fun? So even though I am all about pinching wedding pennies I have a better idea where you can keep your gorgeous dress and STILL have tons of paint-splattering fun!

Ready for it? Buy. Another. Dress! A dress for trashing. Now of course your first reaction is “What?! I spent tons of moolah on my first dress!” I would NEVER suggest you spend that kind of money on a trashing dress! Instead, take between thirty and fifty dollars and buy yourself a cute white dress in which to totally mess up.

Here are a few I found from ModCloth.com (If you love vintage clothes but haven’t been to the site you MUST check it out!)

Call me crazy but I think it would be extremely fun to put colorful paint all over these beautiful dresses! What do you think of Trash-the-dress? Is it worth it to you to trash your wedding gown?


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