A Ceremony Space

I truly have given little thought to the ceremony space. The grounds where we are hoping to get married are so gorgeous I think they speak for themselves. But it is important to at least spruce it up and tie it in with the rest of the wedding.

Of course the central piece of the ceremony space is where you and your hubby-to-be will stand. I have seen some awesome spaces for the bride and groom to stand. Some are simple, some are more grand, but they are always so beautiful!

These are some elaborate ceremony spaces. I especially LOVEEEEEE the paper backdrop! I wish I knew how they did it! Maybe I’m not as awesome as all that, but there are some pretty gorgeous DIY ceremony spaces too!

This is one of my favorites! If you are having a mason jar wedding, how perfect is this? It’s beautiful, natural, and is yet ANOTHER use for those mason jars! I swear those things do everything but cure cancer…

Photo By: Jessica Claire

Alright, I know this is a little out there on the DIY front, but it’s possible, and too beautiful not to share!

Just like the book cases, you can really tailor your ceremony to reflect you!

Photo By: Elizabeth Lloyd

Last but not least, my choice for a decorative backdrop:

And if all else fails, there is no more wonderful backdrop than nature itself!

What kind of backdrop are you using? Was it DIY?


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