Happy Halloween!!

How did all my east coast buds survive the storm?? I will say that a lot of my hang outs in coastal NJ are totally underwater, but at least my parents made it out unscathed!

I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but I work in TV news…as a day job. I really love it, like geek-ily love it. That’s probably why I don’t mention it, because this isn’t a blog about TV coverage. But hurricanes close to Maine in any capacity equal major overtime dollars for this kid. I suppose I can even turn that into a financial tip: WORK LOTS OF OVERTIME/EXTRA SHIFTS. When people call out be the first one to snatch that up, because it equals lots of extra money for you!

Anyway, because I work in TV news, I had a front row seat to all this storm business. It’s pretty cool to watch everything go on behind the scenes…but also terrifying to watch the state you grew up in to sink into the sea. Here’s Atlantic City:

Photo Courtesy of The Weather Channel Facebook Page

I always look at pictures of the south underwater from a hurricane, I just never thought the same would happen so close! I hope everyone made it through safely!

Sandy may have made Halloween a little more damp, but she didn’t dampen my spirits! Halloween is still my favorite holiday, but now that I’m an adult I don’t find anyone my age that really feels the same way. So, maybe I’m a freak. While I love Halloween, I do think, that if you are going to do a Halloween wedding you can only do one of two things.

1) Go all out and make sure your Halloween wedding is a totally haunting experience. Like, get married on a farm where there is a haunted corn maze, insist that your guests dress up, and make all your decor super spooky.

2) Class Halloween up and make you wedding more “Autumn” geared with a touch of whimsy.

The #1 Thing I hate about Halloween weddings is when they are half-assed. Go big, or don’t, either is great, but don’t take it halfway. I know that a lot of people wouldn’t want to go BIG for Halloween, so I decided to show some inspiration for a more whimsical Autumn wedding.

First I really want to start off with the dress. There are MANY horrible dresses that have walked down the aisle in the name of “Halloween” but I FINALLY found this dress stunner. Originally pinned by the fabulous Sara from Burnett’s Boards.

This beauty is one of Glitter Wedding’s dresses of the week for this month. I can’t think of a more perfect, understated Halloween dress! I am not even a huge fan of orange and I would wear this in a heartbeat!

Here are some more ideas for an understated Halloween wedding!

This wasn’t exactly the Halloween I pictured. It was really nice to put these gorgeous fall colors together when the wind was blowing away all of ours! Even if the decor isn’t overtly Halloween I think the orange really lends itself to a pretty and haunting atmosphere.

I have to work on Halloween, so I’m leaving my dog Charlie to hand out the candy!


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