Facing the Storm

Last year from August 20th to August 28th Hurricane Irene destroyed so much. Even among such destruction, some couples decided to whether the storm and get married. I think it’s quite poetic, really. And if rain is good luck a hurricane MUST mean that you will be together forever!

As there is a hurricane working its way toward the east coast right now, and I am getting married during hurricane season, I thought I would do a post with pictures of couples who made it through the storm.

Photo By: Hoffer Photography

I know I could make a lot of cliché statements about storms and marriage, but the truth is, it takes real courage to go on when such a huge storm is raging outside, and with that kind of courage, a marriage is sure to last! I really love these shots! It’s great to see love among tragedy.

To my friends on the east coast, BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES! A storm’s a’comin! And to my friends everywhere else, send good energy, and thoughts to the east coast to keep us all safe! It’s supposed to be a mother of a storm, so if you can, enjoy the ride!






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