Looking over all the details of this wedding gives me a headache. So I have thought over the idea of hiring a planner. After all, weddings like this don’t just happen:

So after placing MAAANNNNYYY calls to several wedding planners and getting quote after quote that was about half my wedding budget, I wondered how these brides do it!

So is it worth it? Yes and no…or, it can be. Though the original quotes were astronomical, you can scale back the amount of a planner’s help. He or she may offer day-of planning. It’s a great service because, although you have to plan everything up until the day, you don’t have to worry about anything the day of!

First I had to figure out what I really needed. It would be wonderful to have someone just take over (believe me there are days when I’ve thought about it), but at this moment the budget doesn’t allow for it, and I don’t really need it. I’ve gotten most of my vendors in order and my contracts situated, there are just little details to be work out. However, I don’t know that I could enjoy my wedding day, if I was also organizing my wedding day. Because my wedding is very “destination” I won’t have enough hands to really help out with much. That extra help would really make things easier.

Now here it is, my BEST FINANCIAL TIP EVER: Invest in start-up companies! If you do you research and find little businesses around the area that are start-ups, you can really get a great deal AND get pretty much their full attention because they will have a short client list. The downside may be lack of experience but that doesn’t mean they don’t have talent.

I ended up hiring a small start-up company to help with the day-of planning. The lady that runs the company is very passionate and excited to help. She loves weddings and loves to plan, I am happy to have her help and her skills so that I can just relax on the day of the wedding. You can read more about her business here.

Give your consideration to some start-ups. You would be helping local business grow, and saving your wallet a HUGE chunk of change! Not to mention how beautiful your wedding can be!


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