Sharing A Secret & Why My Mom Is The Best Vendor

The flowers for the wedding have achieved stems! It’s so exciting to get updates on how everything is coming along!

My mom has got to be the best vendor I have! One of the worst things about vendors is also something that is not their fault. As a time-management overlord, I have a million questions and I want them all answered. As a person who knows what it takes to run a business, I know I’m not the only bride in the world and certainly not the most important one right now. So with all that said, one of the worst things about vendors is the fact that they don’t get back to you quickly. I know I am not the only bride that feels that way, but at least I am rational and realistic about it. I am not the most important person ever, and they will eventually get back to you.

I am always so terrified of being a pest. And I know that vendors hate pushy clients. But I do have to say this: There really isn’t a full manual on how to plan the exact wedding you want on the budget you have. There are many guidebooks but they are not fully sufficient. While all girls wish we were born with the awesome wedding-planning gene…we weren’t.

THE SECRET: It’s something that I probably shouldn’t say as a wedding blogger…I’m totally in the dark with this thing. The initial “inspiration” part of wedding planning is easy, but when the time comes to execute all those ideas, I feel you all of a sudden need to become a professional juggler and manage to keep all these details in the air.

All that to say, any piece of mind a vendor can give is SO helpful, if only to keep a bride’s sanity. Some brides may take it overboard and want to control every little detail…and let’s be honest, that’s annoying, and you can’t control everything. But vendors, meet brides halfway, answer the most valuable questions in a timely manner, it makes a WORLD of difference.

BUT, when your momma is your vendor, she ALWAYS gets back to you, AND sends you her progress! She gets a gold star!


4 thoughts on “Sharing A Secret & Why My Mom Is The Best Vendor

  1. Moms are the best! I can totally relate to your frustration about vendors not answering questions in a timely manner, or not adequately answering questions, and I even had a wedding planner to facilitate the process. As your wedding day gets closer, I think they’ll be much more responsive; that was my experience, at least.

    I LOVE how the flowers are turning out. They look incredible! Are they paper? They’re so intricate, detailed, and varied!

    • The flowers are ALL paper! The start-up cost to make them is pretty pricy, but once you get going, the cost isn’t that bad! She’s made all different kinds and put the stems on them. I think each flower takes about an hour to do and it’s pretty intricate work, but the end result is so worth it! I’m so glad that these are my flowers!

      • That’s amazing. Your mom is one talented lady! Those are really the coolest and most beautiful paper flower creations I’ve ever seen!

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