Are Weddings Going Techno-Crazy?

I’m on board with apps that help you stay more organized when planning, but the new wave that seems to be taking over weddings is this massive technology element. With Twitter, and Facebook, and Tumblr, and, of course, blogging, it has all seemed to have crept in to the wedding day. Call me old-fashioned, but putting your whole wedding day on social media might be a little bit too much.

I will say, for the techy people out there, I think there are definitely ways to incorporate the fun aspects of technology without having to tweet from the altar. Does anyone else agree that that is sort of rude?

I mentioned the first fun way on Monday, having your guests sign into a smart phone app to take pictures that can be directly uploaded to your own personal site.

One of the coolest ways, and the most cost-effective ways to use technology is to get the app Wedding Booth for iPad.

Now of course this requires you to have an iPad, but if you personally don’t have one, my bet is you know someone who does have one, or someone who will rent you one for a day. The app itself costs $9.99 and considering the average add-on for a photographer to do a photo-booth is $500 (at the low end), that is a small price to pay!

Another great way to get pictures guests take is to introduce an Instagram hash tag.

Let your guests know your hash tag and you can see all the great photos your guests took of your wedding.

Speaking of hash tags, many people like to tweet from their wedding by creating a wedding hash tag. While I disagree with the bride and groom tweeting on the day, tweeting is a good way to show the guests that couldn’t make it, what your wedding day was like. If you have a friend that loves to tweet, ask them to tweet all about your wedding as it happens, and post pictures! I have to admit, tweeting a wedding is a little foreign to me, but I do understand why a couple would want to do it, especially if many of their guests couldn’t make it.

One more fun way to bring in technology, this one perhaps a little more overt, set up a video guest book. This isn’t a new idea, we’ve all seen the videos shot by the best man who walks around the wedding asking the guests for well wishes for the couple. Now, of course, it’s a little more updated, and, there’s an app for that!


Thrilled For You costs $4.99 and allows your guests to leave personal messages for you. It is definitely a very creative alternative to any other guest book out there.

Is anyone out there going full-on-techy for their wedding? I watched an episode of Four Weddings the other day where the bride planned a whole technology booth for her wedding. As with all technology, I don’t think it really worked the way the bride had envisioned, but it was cute, not for me, but still cute. I think that with technology growing and expanding into all industries, and with social networking being a prominent way of communicating, you may see the techy wedding trend start to emerge. What do you think? Should technology be a part of weddings?


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