Card Conundrum

My dream for our little wedding has always been about family getting together and just have a great time. I want the event to be as far away from formal as one can possibly get. So I suppose the whole “informality” theme, it begs the question, “Place cards? Yay or Nay?”

Remember this? I posted it when I was wondering about where everyone should sit during the ceremony.

Photo By: Stacy Kokes

It may work for the ceremony, but does it work for the reception meal as well? In one of the copious wedding websites I read, it said that people like to be told where to sit at events. I can see why, it might be confusing to just walk in and pick a seat.

I don’t want to say I am excited to add something to the already 7 page long “To Do” list, but I do love a good project! And the best part is the brain-storming idea part! I think the best thing about DIY place cards, is that they are simple. They have to be. Place cards are something you kind of need to do at the last-minute, after your guests have mailed in their R.S.V.P. cards. Super complicated DIY projects do not belong in your life a few weeks before your wedding!

Since there is a little bit of a butterfly theme wound throughout my flowers, I’m thinking about carrying that through the place cards! Anyone else have some super cute place cards ideas?


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