Moving Pictures

I know I’ve been totally depressing lately, somehow I can even make our honeymoon depressing…I guess budget is really getting me down lately. My self-medicating talk is usually, “It’s one day, it’ll be great.” So I’m sorry for suddenly making weddings depressing.

On a happier note, I think I will be able to have a videographer! There is a lot of debate about whether videography at a wedding is truly worth the expense. In a great turn of events I was able to hire a great videographer for a great price, but in many cases videographers can charge thousands to put together a video, and many couples on a budget can’t afford it. So is it worth it?

Honestly, I didn’t think so. Especially since most videographers are so very expensive. While photography is still my number one priority, there are things that a still camera may not be able to capture, and it is nice to think that for every anniversary you can see and hear yourselves repeat those loving words to each other.

Photography By: Jean-Pierre Photography

If you have room in your budget you should absolutely go for it. I think that when there is extra money, don’t spend it on decorations, or your dress, spend it on something lasting.

But what to look for? If you want to find a great videographer, you need to know your aesthetic and what you like to see in videos. So, like searching for any vendor, do your homework. Watch TONS of wedding videos. If you want to take it even a step further, make a list of what you want to see in your video. When you end up meeting with your potential videographer, you can give them a clear vision of what you want.

I think the second big thing is that you must like your videographer. Just as you need to have a relationship with your photographer, you need to have a relationship with your videographer too. These people will be sharing some of the most intimate and special moments with you and all your loved ones. If you don’t get along, it will be harder to be your natural self.

And of course when it comes to money, know what you are being charged for. Video is a nebulous area for some people, and it’s hard to know what is being charged. Much of it can depend on exactly what you want done. The more complex your video, the more time your videographer has to spend on it, so the more you will pay. Make sure they break down how much they charge for their time.

If video isn’t in the budget, it isn’t the end of the world. I still maintain that it is for extra cash. Your photography will be beautiful, and in the day of iPhones and Androids someone will record your ceremony, without the bells and whistles, but the words are what matters!


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