Our Furry Friends

I know you ‘ve seen them before, but let me introduce you to my babies.

Baby number one, I got as a college graduation present, and he is the best thing that’s ever happened to me (sorry honey!)

That’s my dog Charlie…when he was a puppy. Trust me, he was not always sleeping. The only reason he was tuckered out then was because he had just finished chewing apart the whole house. Now he’s a big boy and all grown up and obedient (except when people come to the door…we’re working on that).

He has a particular fondness of cameras. ūüôā

Baby number 2 came to us because my honey wanted a cat. During my day job I heard about the animal shelter having a huge adoption event. I got permission, left work early, grabbed the boy and drove to the humane society. She was the first kitten I picked up and we never looked back.

This is Evie B when we first got her. But she is still that precious!

What does this have to do with weddings? Well, not much I suppose. But I was thinking about pets being included in weddings. Evie B probably wouldn’t be a good wedding attendee, but perhaps Charlie would be up to the task! Lots of pet owners include their favorite family pet into their wedding, especially if everything is outdoors.

After thinking about it some more, I love my dog more than anything in the world (sorry again hun), but there are many complications to including your furry friend in the wedding.

First of all, if your dog is any thing like mine, when he is not in his house and there are lots of people around, he gets into trouble. So if you chose to include your pooch, make sure he has a designated watcher. Pick someone who loves your dog as much as you do, and doesn’t mind watching him. It is enough that you will probably already be anxious that day, without having to worry if someone took the dog out for a poo or not.

If your dog is pretty low¬†maintenance, it might be easier to include him or her. Sadly Charlie around large groups is anything but low¬†maintenance. Even small dogs have to pee though, and there is no way you should go out to the lawn in your white dress to let your pup do its business. A handler is still important, if only to make sure the dog isn’t trod upon and is well looked after during busy times.

Another thing to worry about is, whether or not the venue allows pets. Not all venues do, even outside venues have restrictions on pets. Make sure you talk to your venue before bringing your dog, better yet, get it in writing that pets are allowed, in case they try to pull a fast one the day of, and you have nowhere to put your pup.

If you love your dog so much that he or she needs to be a part of your wedding, it might be a better idea, and certainly more fun, to take your engagement pictures with your dog. You can go to a park, get beautiful natural pictures, all with your pooch by your side! I’m in love with my pup, and I want him to be a part of our wedding experience, but sometimes a bride has to realize when it will be too much stress. Make sure, if you include your pet, that they will bring happiness and joy, just like they do for you every day.




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