Projects Progress and Recap

At this point in the game I am thinking there are not too many new projects I want to introduce to this huge list that has to get done. I still have a lot of the “branding” to get done, invitations, crosswords, wedding mad libs, place cards…the list goes on and on I assure you. But as far as decor projects, I think I’m almost at my limit. So I’m taking this labor day to take stock of what I’ve done, and some things I’ve crossed off the list, simply for time and money’s sake.

First I want to show you the bunting progress because I like how it is turning out. My cat seems to be a big fan as well!

This bunting will be most (if not all) wall decor in the barn upstairs. I think it’s festive and pretty, and it wouldn’t look “over done.”

Here are projects that made the cut, and if they aren’t done…they will be…I hope…

Most of these DIY projects have more to do on them. I wish I could cross things off the list, but sadly I cannot. I DID, however, cross the necklaces off my list! It was great to get them all made at once! Check out the tutorial AND get a coupon to save on materials here!

Some projects, while I had fun making them and showing you guys, I just don’t have the time for so I took them off the to-do list:

I really love how these pinwheels turn out, but I just didn’t have the money to do it in bulk. TIP: If you are going to do these for your wedding, don’t do them in bulk. It was very difficult to find yellow and light blue scrap-book paper, or card stock, that came in 12×12, and in bulk. If you can use pattered paper successfully (I just couldn’t find nice and bright patterns in the right colors) than you will end up spending less money, since you can buy books filled with patterned paper. I like the patterns in the picture, they just ended up being too dark for the venue.

Another project to bite the dust is:


I love these little guys but it comes down to time and cost of paper again. The truth is, and what I think I’m learning, is that doing a party of any kind requires editing yourself. I talk a lot about Martha Stewart, but I don’t want the wedding reception to look like she threw up all over it. I think that by editing down the decor on the walls to the bunting and one ribbon wall downstairs will work really well, especially upstairs, where my mom’s centerpieces can speak for themselves.

Has anyone else edited themselves down? It’s so hard nowadays with Pinterest just out there with all the gorgeous pictures. It will certainly make for less money spent and less work for me to do!


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