Quote On Canvas DIY

I originally posted this photo on my “What To Do With The Walls” post, and I really loved it at the time, but it just seemed like something too difficult to achieve. But I decided to throw caution to the wind! Why not? So in the barn, on the downstairs back wall, I want to create a ribbon wall and intersperse some artwork I’ve been working on.

Since most of the wedding is centered around famous love stories, I decided to hang up quotes from some great novels. I originally found this DIY here, and I was really excited to replicate it.

So let’s begin at the beginning:

1) Canvas over a frame (any size you want)

2) Vinyl Lettering, it’s basically the letters that stick on windows and peel off easily.

3) Book Pages, you may need more than I pictured (I cut off the edges because I only wanted the words)

4) Scissors, to cut the edges if you want

5) Glue(stick), make sure you get a type that works on fabric.

6) Mod Podge

7) Paint

8) Paint Brush

The first thing to do is slather glue all over your canvas (or on your book pages).

You may have to use something other than a glue stick…turns out that even though it said that you could use it on fabric, they lied. I had to switch it up to Tacky Glue to help keep the pages glued down.

With the size of my canvas being what it was I had to cut extra pieces out of the book to make it all fit. Since you are sort of going for a textured look anyway, feel free to put down your pages however you want. I chose to be neat, but you can go really textured and rip all your book pages into tiny pieces if you wanted.

Next it’s time to lay down your vinyl letters. Make sure to spell everything correctly!

I chose a quote from Emily Brontë’s book “Wuthering Heights.” Admittedly a tumultuous and tragic book, but a beautiful quote all the same. I didn’t worry about the letters being straight because I wanted it to look “not perfect,” it fits our theme better that way.

Now you can paint over the whole canvas.

I chose to really paint everything, leaving no holes, so everything was completely blue. In hindsight, I think maybe I should have made it a little more rustic with a lighter coat of paint, and some book pages showing. This, of course, is all up to you, but it’s another option to consider.

Once you’re done painting you have to just let it dry. So go! Walk the dog, take a nap, do different wedding DIY projects while you are waiting, but UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, should you go to the next step before your paint is totally dry. Disaster will ensue.

Are you sure it’s dry? Alright, we can move on.

Slowly, very slowly and carefully, peel off your vinyl letters. Some of the book page may peel with it, but that can’t be helped; it never looked bad though. When you are peeling your letters off, some of the paint might want to come with it, but as long as you are going slowly, you can usually prevent that.

Once you have all your letters off, grab your Mod Podge and go to town!

Once the whole thing is given a healthy coat of Mod Podge to seal it, you are all done! To hang it with the ribbons, I’ll attach a saw tooth hanger to the bottom and top, thread the ribbon, tie a knot, thread again through the bottom, tie a knot, then let it hang to the floor. This should give the appearance of it floating on the ribbon.

My kitten seems to approve!

The one problem I am really having is finding the quotes. Does anyone have any great love quotes from a book or author that they know? It would be great if it was a classic book, but right now I’ll take anything. I have a few, but I really need a few more! Help!

Happy Crafting!


11 thoughts on “Quote On Canvas DIY

  1. Hi, i’m using book quotes in my decoration too, I’m using a persuasion quote which goes. something like “no Two souls so similar, no two temperament so in tune” and in Jane eyre the part Rochester days about a piece of string attached to. his rib which us knotted to a similar piece of string attached to her in thr same way. my partner is also picking from his favourite books, probably Vonnegut and Douglas Adams

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  4. R.M Drake books… Beautiful Chaos and Black Butterfly. I just ordered chasers of the light also…. looks promising

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