What the Wedding Industry Wants You to Do…and What You Can Do Instead! Part I

I thought about this the other day while watching the reality show on TLC, “Four Weddings.” Have you ever seen it? It’s pretty awful. It gives four women the excuse to be totally bitchy about the others’ weddings. The premise is that they attend each others’ weddings and then rate them. The girl with the highest rating wins a honeymoon. But there isn’t just the critique of, “My food was cold,” although that does happen, there is, however, a lot of, “I wouldn’t do that at my wedding so I’m going to knock her score down.” Guess what lady? It’s not your wedding! That aggravates me because weddings are a matter of personal preference and about you as a couple.

Then I got to thinking that basically the wedding industry has told us what to think and how to think it. I mean, lets take the wedding I’m planning. It is right on trend with the rustic theme that’s popular right now. Sometimes I think that I was brainwashed…but I’m not changing because I’m happy with it. But if it weren’t for Pinterest and wedding blogs, I don’t know if I would have come up with a barn wedding idea in the first place. It’s not really a bad thing to like trends. As long as you like it, and you are happy with it, than it doesn’t matter if it’s way off trend, or right on. However, there are a few things that the wedding industry seems to claim are MUST haves, and I don’t think that will ever change. Today and Wednesday, I wanted to highlight some of the things the industry says you need and maybe give you a cheaper avenue to try.

I promise I will get into all that but I wanted to show you something I’m SO EXCITED about first! My mom has been slaving away at the flower arrangement for our table and I got a sneak peek the other day! I wanted to let you all in on what she’s been doing because it is super awesome.

I wanted you to get the view from all sides. Every single one of those flowers is made entirely out of PAPER! I can’t even believe how awesome that is! The ferns are paper too! These table arrangements are going to be so gorgeous! Just one of these flowers takes about an hour to put together, so this is pretty spectacular to see it all come together like this. To finish it off we’ll cover the styrofoam with some fake moss and it will look like we just went out and picked them!

Ok, I’m done, but I just had to share!

So the FIRST thing that the wedding industry says you need, and has always said it from the very beginning: An Expensive Dress. The more money a dress costs, the more of a show stopper it is.

First of all, whoever told women that a label matters in a dress is probably a genius, because it is making them A LOT of money. Ladies, does it really matter who designed your gown? What matters is it’s what you want, and many other designers take inspiration from the top designers and produce dresses just like the ones above. They are probably THOUSANDS of dollars, and you could find something so similar for hundreds.

If the label really matters to you, and you cannot walk down the aisle without your Vera, than you can still purchase a designer gown for much less than what they are offering. The very first place I would try is a recycled gown website.

All the dresses above I found for $1000 or less. You still get the label, without all the expense. Once alterations are done, you might end up paying more, but not even close to the original price. There are three sites I found where you can buy designer dresses for less: PreOwnedWeddingDresses, Smartbride Boutique, and RecycledBride. They are mostly all pre-owned dresses, but only worn once! Before you purchase, I would contact each seller to find out the details behind the dress and make sure there are no surprises.

If you feel no need for designer labels than fret not! You can find a wedding dress pretty much anywhere at any price! If you shop at high-end retailers, try to buy their sample gown, they may give you a percentage off. You can also try altering a family member’s dress to modernize it, but keep a family tradition alive. If you have a bit higher of a dress budget (like $2000 and up), you can often hire seamstresses to make the gown of your dreams and it will probably end up being cheaper than buying a designer dress. I would be careful and shop around for this one. You would need a reliable seamstress that won’t take advantage of your budget!

Wednesday I want to bring food into the discussion. Caterers are SO expensive, and they don’t have to be, the wedding industry just says they do! 😉 I hope you find your dream dresses! Designer or not, get what looks and feels good for you, that’s when you are the most beautiful.


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