Getting the Fit

First of all, I have to announce: 365 DAYS TILL WEDDING DAY! Ok. I promise that will be my only day count until we are down to weeks. I kind of had a mini heart attack thinking about all the stuff that needs to get done and paid for up until that point though. At the risk of sounding cynical on a wedding blog, It’s scary to think how much money goes into all of this, and I only have a year to make sure we don’t charge any of it. I’m really excited though! I can’t believe a year from now, I’ll be a Mrs.!

Ok on to other things…like dresses šŸ™‚

It is a very long while before I will see my dress again. I can only visit it on the internet, where some other lady is wearing it. It’s kind of hard when you find your favorite dress, THE dress, and then you aren’t allowed to see it until months before the wedding. It’s clothing torture. But when fitting time does roll around, it’s important to know what to bring and what to think about. It’s also a good excuse to show you gorgeous dresses šŸ˜‰

Photo By, Theo Civtello

If you are like me, really efficient and impatient, you got your dress super early and don’t have to worry about anything. But if you are not like me (you know, normal), you’ve just begun to shop around for dresses. Let me just caution you not to take too much time. I couldn’t believe it, but it takes SIX MONTHS (at least) to get a dress into the shop. In this day and age you would think something like that would be quicker, but I guess not. My dress, for example, was ordered last October, it still has yet to arrive in the shop. We are coming up on a year now since we ordered it. Granted, at that point our wedding was far off so there was no rush, but I couldn’t imagine if we were in a time crunch what that would feel like. So while my case might be extreme, make certain you have your dress in plenty of time!

Once it comes in you can schedule your fitting times. Most places will do the alterations for you, but smaller boutiques may not, so shop around to find a seamstress you trust! Your first fitting should be around 2-3 months out and beforehand. By this point you should have your lingerie, petticoat and shoes. Also, not to bring up too sore a subject buuuuttt, you should be at the relative weight you are going to be for the wedding by the first fitting. Dropping, or, dare I say it, going up, too many dress sizes can really be a problem for the seamstress.

Photo By: Heidi Elnora

So what should you bring to your first fitting? Some MUST haves are, shoes, petticoats, and lingerie. If you are wearing a corset or even just Spanx, make sure you bring it to your fitting so the seamstress gets anĀ accurate look at how your dress falls. If you decide to wear heels and then at the last-minute decide to go barefoot, then you may have a tripping problem! Make sure thatĀ you’reĀ sure.

At the fitting, make sure you come armed with questions orĀ concernsĀ for your seamstress. Wiggle around in your gown, make sure all angles fit like a glove, and if not, bring it all to the attention of the seamstress. You want to make sure, that on that day, your dress will make it through the whole thing with no problems. Also, any custom changes you want to make to the dress, tell them at the first fitting. That is when the most drastic alterations take place, so it would be nice for them to know any changes at that time.

The seamstress should have you walk for her so she can get an idea of the hem. Walk in your shoes and make sure you are confident and comfortable with your hem, or where your seamstress has pinned the hem. What bride wants to trip ont their wedding day?

Lastly, make sure you have an idea of what it’s going to cost, and when you have to pay. In my case, the alterations were included in the cost of my dress (not including any custom changes I’d like to make), but that isn’t always the case. Make sure you get an estimate or a round about number and go into it expecting that, barring anything drastic. Most seamstresses probably won’t give an estimate over the phone, so the first fitting will come down to prices. If they want you to pay up front and it was more than you were expecting, there is nothing wrong with declining to hand your dress over at that moment, especially if you don’t have the funds!

And of course enjoy your fitting! You look gorgeous and you probably haven’t seen the dress in a while! Relish in it! I recently lived vicariously through a friend of mine’s fitting and it just made me that much more excited for my own! I am pretty sure there is something about wedding dresses that make every woman instantly happy. You gotta love that feeling!


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