The Way to the Wedding

I never realized how much STUFF goes in a wedding invitation. It’s not just the invite and R.S.V.P., you also need stamped and addressed envelopes for your replies, a meal card saying “chicken or fish,” a list of things to do in the area, and a map showing your guests how to get there. It’s super easy to do a map when most of your guests live in the area, but for us this is technically a destination wedding. The venue is even three hours away from our own house, and hours and hours away for family and friends. How do you make the right map for everyone, and fit it in the invite? And of course, on top of that make it super creative and cute for a low, low cost. This sounds impossible. This sounds like a job for…PINTEREST!

I hadn’t even thought about a map until I came across this super adorable sewn map DIY from the ever crafty Martha Stewart. It’s a really creative method to “show the way.”

Her DIY is about sewing a map and framing it, but this would be super cute for an invitation map. But of course then I got to thinking, “How in the world am I going to show how to get to the wedding for people coming from out-of-state?” My problem is that I can’t just show them from a major highway to the venue, because once you get off the major highway there is at least 2 hours more to go, and LOTS of bendy and twisty roads. No one will mind the drive as it is a GORGEOUS ride out there, but seriously, how do I show them?

I think I will have to give up on the mechanics of how for right now because it is so much more fun to look at the creative way to do an invitation map!

In this GPS day and age, the map may not be as important if your wedding is in a very easy-to-find place. However, my venue is pretty off the beaten path (which is part of what is awesome about it), so I think that a map might be pretty necessary.


2 thoughts on “The Way to the Wedding

  1. I made one of these for my invites. It was really easy and looks super professional. I found a DIY online. Let me know and I can send you what it looks like and how to do it.

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