Gift Box DIY! Practically Free!

As promised a nearly free DIY, a gift box to put your bridesmaids gifts in! I think the best thing about playing with paint swatches is that you can walk into any paint store, grab 20 of them and walk out without anyone saying a word. Free stuff you can play with is always the best stuff. The ONLY thing you’ll probably have to pay for in this DIY is the double-sided tape that helps it all stick together.

Alright lets see the little pile o’ stuff you need:

1) Paint swatches. Any color you want, but they have to look like what is pictured above. They need to be big enough for you to cut them down to the size you need. The ones I got are 5×6 so all the measurements in this are based on that size.

2) Double Sided Tape

3) Ruler

4) Pencil

5) Sharp Knife

I got two different color swatches one for the body of the box and one for the lid. Start out with whatever swatch you want for the body, and measure about a half an inch in on the rounded sides.

Once you’ve measured a half-inch on both sides, draw a line and cut along that line.

You are just making everything square, making it 5″ all around.

Now we have to make the sides of the box, so take up your ruler again, and measure in 1 & 1/2 inches on all sides.

This creates a grid pattern that looks like this:

Now it’s time to score all the lines. Use the knife and use gentle pressure. You don’t want to cut the swatch just weaken it a little so it would be bendable along those lines.

Once you have scored all the lines, you can now create the little triangles that allow you to form the box.

These I just eye-balled. It’s not a huge deal to get these right, so something that looks basically like the above picture is just fine. You will do this on two sides with the finished triangles looking like this:

Notice how the angled side is facing outward. This is important to the folding of the box. Now it’s time to fold the box along the score lines.

To finish the body of the box you just have to tape it all together.

Close the box up with as much tape as you need.

Ah yes, but we are only half done! Your box needs a lid! I know this is a lot of steps and pictures but bear with me!

Now it’s time to take your other color (or a new swatch) and measure in one and a half inches on either side of the rounded end (pictured) and one inch on either side of the non-rounded end (not pictured…sorry about that)

Once again, this creates a grid. It will look like this:

Of course you now need to cut along those lines, and you’ll come up with a 3×3 box

Now more measuring! Measure in a half-inch on all sides to make another grid.

Pick up your knife again, and score the yellow lines. Remember not to put too much pressure! After you score, you have to cut your triangles out again. Here are the finished triangles:

Bend  at all the angles and then close up the box lid just like you did the box.

I taped the outside, but I don’t like the look of that. Taping the inside would have looked much better. Hindsight is 20/20.

Your lid should fit well right over the box and that is all! I know it’s a pretty detailed tutorial, but it’s really super easy once you get all your measurements right.

And of course, a great place to put your newly made necklaces!


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