Girly Gift DIY! AND a Discount Coupon!!

So a few posts ago I thought of ideas for gifts you can get your bridesmaids and groomsmen. In one of the jewelry boards, I posted a flower pendant DIY I found on Intimate Weddings and decided to try my hand at it. As you know, Etsy is a great way to find all different kinds of supplies, so that’s where I turned to find what I needed. This is probably the first DIY where you have to buy a kit to complete it. But don’t worry! Everything is super easy and cheap to purchase. I shopped around and finally chose CandyTiles Craft and Jewelry Supplies as the best store with the best deals. The owner of this awesome jewelry shop has agreed to give all Flat Broke Bride readers 10% off to everything in her shop! Just use the coupon code: FLATBROKE10 when you check out!

At the risk of sounding cheap, you can make 10 pendant necklaces for around $3, which is a really good price. I chose the Oval Bundle Pack as my kit. It comes with everything you need to get started, you only need to order a few things separately. So of course as always let’s get started with the materials you need.

1) Oval Bundle Pack or something quite like it that comes with a backing, glass that fits the backing and a ribbon necklace. (In the pack there are 10 of each, and an assortment of different colored ribbons to choose from)

2) Glue. I purchased the E600 glue recommended in the Intimate Weddings DIY, but you can buy any sort of super holding glue, however I do not recommend actual Super Glue. You need a glue that’s a little tacky for this.

3) Diamond Glaze. This I got through Amazon, but you can also get it at the CandyTiles store. This stuff is important, so don’t think you can get away without it! 🙂

4) Dried & Pressed flowers. Free. The best flowers are the weeds that are growing around your neighborhood. Be careful that the flower isn’t too bulky, even when pressed. They need to be as flat as possible

5) Scissors

6) Very sharp Knife

7) Toothpick or something like it

8) Fancy paper. A heavier paper works better.

Now we can begin! First, you have to pick your flower out whichever one you want, and apply the glue to it with your toothpick.

Be really careful because the flower is very delicate and comes apart easily.

Once you’ve placed your flower where you want it, and glued it down, take your glass oval and position it where you want over your flower.

Now it’s time to apply that diamond glaze that’s so important. It’s sort of a clear glue that surrounds your flower and adheres to the glass allowing everything to stay in position. Depending on the size of your pendant, apply 4 or 5 drops of the glaze to the middle of the glass on the back side. Try to keep it all in the middle.

Do as I say not as I do…it’s hard to keep the glaze in the middle and take a photo at the same time!

Now that you’ve got the glaze on the back of the glass, flip it over carefully and press it down on the flower. Keep pressing down firmly for about a minute.

If your glass puckers a bit after you release pressure, hold it down for another minute. It’s very possible the flower is a little bulky and making it hard for the glass to stick evenly. Once you are done putting pressure on the glass, leave it to dry for ten minutes. As always take this time to watch trashy reality TV just like me…

Once everything is dry, it’s time to cut around the glass.

Cut as carefully and as close as you can to the glass. Try not to leave any paper hanging over. This is where a super sharp knife really comes in handy! I dunno if your man is like mine, but when I ask for a super-sharp knife he has about 10 I can choose from! 🙂

Once it’s cut out, flip it over, get out your super sticky glue and glue the entire back

Position the glass inside the backing, and that’s it! Let it dry fully before wearing it!

That was pretty simple wasn’t it? I really love they way they turned out! But if you are going to give them away, you need a cool box to keep them in! I have just the DIY for that coming Friday! I can’t wait for you to see! You’ll be able to have your present and wrap it too!

Don’t forget to go to CandyTiles Craft and Jewelry Supplies and get your 10% off coupon by typing in FLATBROKE10 at check out!


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