Geek Week’s Last Installment: What Geeks Wear

While I do love cake, this last bit is what I love the best: Geek Fashion. There are so many ways to play geeky dress up for your wedding, some are subtle and some are extremely loud, it all depends on what kind of theme you are going for. For the ladies, the biggest statement you can make is with your gown! Do you want to be an out there geek with an awesome gown, or maybe even a gorgeous gown with a subtle touch of geek? With so many brides with different personalities out there, wedding dress designers have to get more and more creative with their designs!

Dress #1: Subtlety

This gorgeous gown is white with a touch of airy, light color, and has to be one of my favorites. I am not a princess gown girl, but I would wear this gorgeous Lazaro gown. If you want to stand out and honor your geeky side in a subtle way, go a little bit bold by just adding some colorful tulle to the bottom of your gown so it peeks through. I wish all of us could afford Lazaro..but chances are good that we cannot…sigh…

Dress #2: White But Still Bold

Want to go a little bit bolder but still keep it white? Try this awesome flame-like dress. It is definitely a statement piece; no one will miss you!

Dress #3: Go All Out

Ah yes, a wedding dress inspired by Rydia from Final Fantasy IV. This is just one example of going all out, but trust me, there are so many more! Why not wear a dress inspired by Zelda, or Princess Peach? The possibilities are endless here! If you love your geeky side, then embrace it!

If you’re not into making such a huge statement, but would rather have subtle touches, think about yours (and his) accessories to really bring out your geek. Cufflinks are probably the most versatile and fun way to geek up a wedding without making it all about “the geek.” And when I went searching for cufflinks, there are an endless variety of any kind of cufflinks you could ever want. So happy shopping!

Now I know this next thing has nothing at all to do with what to wear, but I just HAD to share it because it is THAT awesome…

If you are still wondering how to make your exit to wedded bliss after your party why not consider…

A Delorean for hire! How awesome would it be to roll “Back To The Future” in one of these? The best part is, it’s a legitimate service, well at least if you live in the UK or Ireland…

I hope you guys really enjoyed geek week! I think we will probably include a geek cake, and maybe some awesome geek cufflinks to make our wedding reflect who we are. Regardless, your wedding ought to reflect you, don’t just design a wedding because it is “on trend” do what you really like and keep it true to you guys as a couple.


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