GEEK WEEK Food & Drink!

Ok so THIS is an area where I really want to bring out the geek in our relationship: cake. I know I have had ideas in the past about a nice rustic cake to go with the theme, but I’m really coming to believe that sticking to a theme is less important than highlighting what makes up you as a couple. So I think for our cake we really want to do something fun and geeky. Of course I had to grab some inspiration, of not only cake, but some awesome geeky food and drink too!

I first want to highlight some of the really fantastic geek cakes out there. There are SO many, but here are some of my favorites!

The Mario cake is hands down my favorite cake! I love that it’s so bright and colorful, and of course Mario gets his princess in the end…if only she would stop getting kidnapped, then they could at least settle down! If you want to make your own geek cake, the Rubik’s Cube is linked to a tutorial on how to make it! It doesn’t look too hard either!

But I want to give special attention to a truly awesome cake. This cake was made by the famous Charm City Cakes which is featured on the show, Ace of Cakes, and it is probably the most awesome geek cake ever:

This is an EPIC reproduction of the final battle in Ghostbusters, in which they defeat the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! Who DOESN’T love this scene? If this happened in real life, I probably would have run outside and made gigantic s’mores. AND I haven’t shown you the most awesome part of the cake yet!

How cool is it that they made the streams light up? It’s a good thing that nothing bad happened to the cake, as the streams are crossed, and we all know, you don’t cross the streams!

Cake isn’t the only food where elements of geek can be incorporated! Here are some favors and snacks that would make any geek wedding shine!

How fun are the cereal snacks? Your guests will definitely smile at these little touches!

How about some geeky drinks?

I also love the retro Pez Dispensers, this will definitely bring guests back to those comics they loved as kid!

If you want to maybe class up your geek a little bit, how about an 8-bit wine bottle?

8-Bit Vintners will bottle wine with the 8-bit label for any classy geek occasion!

Are you choosing to show your geek through your cake? Maybe your drinks? I am still leaning toward a very geeky cake!






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