So I have a bit of a confession to make…I sort of already made it already, but none of you know the extent…you see, I’m a Geek. I have been keeping that side under wraps a little, but NO LONGER! The boy and I are both super Geeks actually. We enjoy playing hours and hours of Skyrim, we own dice that have more (and less) than six sides, and we happen to love deck-building card games.

I have been struggling to figure out the best way to insert our geek into the wedding. I still wanted the nice, formal affair, and add little touches of geek throughout, but I am still not sure what to do. So I thought, “What better way to find how to incorporate our geek, than to have a Geek Week!” So this week I am celebrating the Geek Brides and Grooms all over, and hopefully find some way to incorporate our geek in there somewhere…

So of course no Geek wedding would even happen without a Geek Proposal!

This story is brought to us by an awesome blog, Offbeat Bride, where the girl proposes to the boy with this adorable “Player Two” idea! I just had to share this! How cute!

Here is another one brought to you by the classic card/video game Pokemon!

Want to see a proposal to go along with the ball? Check it out here!

Now that the love of your life has given you the best geek proposal, it’s time to tell your guests with awesome Save the Dates & Invitations! But how? Well I suppose it depends on what kind of geek you are! Check out some of the super fun invites I found!

Here is a very adorable 8-bit interactive invite! It’s got a cute Mario feel to it too!

How about adding some mystery to your relationship! I love this one! Of course this idea comes from that crafty Martha Stewart, at least she gives a tutorial to go along with it! Check it out here.

Make sure your guests know mischief is not yet managed with your Harry Potter map! This invitation is all about Harry Potter for those of your guests that have read it, but for those that haven’t, it’s still a classy, fun invitation!

Of course I had to include a Princess Bride reference! If you haven’t seen the movie, you MUST, this INSTANT, turn off this computer and go rent/Netflix/Redbox it immediately! This is the must-see comedy/romance movie that is enjoyment for all ages and should be passed on throughout generations!

Remember these guys? If you want a real throwback try an 8-bit wedding with a Space Invaders invite! Atari players will be so excited to attend!

You KNOW I couldn’t leave out the biggest movie to symbolize epic nerd-dom everywhere! If your wedding is in a galaxy far, far away this is the invite for you! Except don’t be Leia if your groom is Luke…that’s illegal…

And of course, who could forget Mario? Remember the cartridges you had to blow into to get the game to work? Why not make your wedding guests remember for the old days with a Mario cartridge invite!

I already have our invites set, but I LOVE the encrypted Save The Date! I would really like to see some of your geek invites! If you send them to me at I will feature them on Friday’s Geek Week Conclusion!

Geek doesn’t have to mean video games, or Star Wars, how are you bringing out your inner “Geek?”





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