Mason Jar Eye Candy!

I have a box of Mason Jars sitting in my spare room just waiting to be a craft, but I can’t decide what to do with them! I think because the Pinterest market is SATURATED with mason jars! There are thousands upon thousands of pictures of the versatility of a glass jar.

First of all, I was curious as to what the origins of a Mason Jar really was. Because let’s be honest, Masons are people who basically lay brick work for a living, or you are a Free Mason…which is a whole different story. But the truth is it has nothing to do with actual masons, instead it’s about a man named Mason who invented and patented the handy screw cap and seal for the jar. He has made all of our fruit-canning lives so much easier. I’ll bet he didn’t know that many years later we would be putting candles in them and hanging them from trees.

So now how do I put these jars to wedding use? Well darlings, let me count the ways!

1) Luminaries. It’s the new trend to help set the mood lighting for your wedding. They seem to be way cheaper than most other forms of lighting, and they really do create a nice setting

The book pages especially intrigue me because of the book theme to our wedding, perhaps that’s what I’ll do with all the mason jars…

2) Drinks! Even though they are primarily used for storage of jams and jellies, many people drink out of their mason jars as well. If you are having an outdoor wedding, it might be great to have everyone drink out of a small mason jar. What you do with the mason jars afterwards…well I guess you have to make A LOT of jam, or you have a whole new set of rustic glassware.

I LOVE the idea of making lemonade drinks beforehand! A lemonade bar would cost way more money than buying aluminum tubs and more mason jars and pre-mixing lemonade for your guests.

3) Food and Favors! Do you want a creative dessert without cupcakes? Or maybe a yummy favor for your guests to take home? Try putting delicious food in your mason jars! YUM!

4) And lastly, decor! Mason Jars have to be the easiest form of decor, pretty much ready made decor actually. Put a bunch of flowers in them and you’re done! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed your mason jar eye candy! I think my favorite uses of the jar are the pre-prepared lemonade drinks, and the book votives! What are you using your mason jars for? What’s your favorite way to use mason jars?


5 thoughts on “Mason Jar Eye Candy!

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