And For the Boys…

Every bridesmaid needs a gift, but so does every groomsman! I often wonder how many brides pick and order the gifts for the groomsmen? I have to say though, I don’t find men that hard to shop for, most guys are pretty easy-going, and would love a functional, playful gift. Of course the wedding world has its favorites. There are probably about two extremely popular groomsmen gifts, a Cuban cigar and these:

These have a cute little twist with the fun mustaches (but let’s face it, they are everywhere now too…), however the basic idea still remains, men stereotypically like to drink, and drinking out of a flask is cool to men. So ladies (and gents too) if the guys in the wedding are totally in love with drinking out of flasks like an old western movie, this is the gift to buy. But instead of making it so stereotypical, you can really personalize each flask to each guy. I found a great Etsy site with some funny flasks…here’s one of my favorites:

If you aren’t intimately familiar with the Honey Badger, check it out here.

There are all different types of “guy,” your man just has to pick a gift that will either suit the group, or pick individual gifts for each “man type”

For the Luxury guy, a really nice pocket watch is a great gift; for the outdoorsy guy a classy, yet functional hunting knife is really great; for the gambling man I LOVE these opaque cards; and of course for the man who likes to travel, these great map-style cufflinks.

But I did leave one man-type out…on purpose…because he deserves his own collage of gifts: the geeky guy. Even though I don’t often show it, we are a through and through geeky couple, so these gifts are near and dear to me.

You can give a classy gift that still has a really geeky side. Every serious gaming nerd needs a set of these stylish dice; the pen opens up just like a butterfly knife; dice cufflinks for the day are super fun; any computer geek loves to carry around a USB drive wherever he goes; comic fans will go nuts for the Batman money clip; and any music nerd will love these guitar picks recycled from old records (remember them?).

And of course, just like the girls, why not pack a whole kit for your groomsmen, completely personalized for them!

However you and your man choose to give gifts, remember that you are thanking them for making your day special, so it’s so important to make their gifts special and unique to them.

What kind of man does your hubby-to-be hang out with? Are they a flask man? Or maybe more of a Batman dude?


5 thoughts on “And For the Boys…

  1. Ok – now I need to get my husband that Honey Badger flask for his birthday. He will LOVE that!! I tried to convince him to get those mustache flasks for his groomsmen, but he figured a bottle of Gentlemen’s Jack was better.

    • Haha I love the Honey Badger flask! The site where I found that had a whole bunch of funny flasks!
      I think the boy is going with personalized gifts for each of his groomsmen. But he hasn’t seen the Honey Badger flask yet!

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