Gifts For The Ladies

We have not signed up for a registry yet. I would love to do a honeymoon-type registry, but I’m not sure the old-school world is ready to give money under provocation yet. There is something about asking for money that is still rude. I really don’t understand why either, especially since we own all the bowls, plates, linens and mixers we could possibly ever need. We have TWO bread machines…TWO.

Fortunately we aren’t the only ones getting gifts! We get the sincere joy of giving out gifts too. I am a huge fan of giving gifts, it’s great to know that you got someone just the right thing. Wedding party gifts are a bit different, usually everyone is given the same thing, which is much easier for the couple if they have a large wedding party. It doesn’t exactly make sense to give the same thing to everyone because not everyone likes the same things. So if this tradition is not your style, consider a universal gift for everyone, and a private gift for the individual, at least for the best man and maid of honor.

I hopped on my favorite site, Pinterest, to get ideas about what to hand out to my girls. When shopping for bridesmaids gifts here is the BEST tip I can give you: Go. To. Etsy. There have got to be TONS of ideas for bridesmaids gifts on this site, and many of them can be personalized.

The quintessential bridesmaids gift is always jewelry. And why not? It’s very hard for a gal to say “no” to some awesome jewelry! But nowadays too much of it is all “ho-hum” and the same. It’s either pearl earrings or a sterling silver ring and/or pendant. I say that it’s time to spice it up ladies! At least take into account your girls’ style and taste as well as the wedding theme, because after all your hope is for them to wear the jewelry the day of the wedding as well as everyday. Here are a few really adorable ideas, most from different Etsy sellers and one DIY! It may be the quintessential gift, but with a little flair.

My personal favorites are the DIY flower pendants and the personalized locket. Your bridesmaids are presumably all your good friends and family, so anything you pick out that you like, they will probably like. Go with your gut and give it some of your personal flare to show how much you appreciate their support!

Not all girls have the same style, and knowing my friends like I do, geek girl chic is the way to go! Check out these geeky girl gifts:

And, of course there is the all-encompassing gift: The Bridesmaids survival kit:


This is a ridiculously cute DIY that allows you to include many gifts for the special girls in your life! I especially love this one because of the adorable packaging it comes in!

I think the most important thing, whether you gift one piece of jewelry, or a whole survival kit, is that you keep your individual ladies in mind. You want your girls to keep whatever you give them to remember that day and your bond together. What have you all given your bridesmaids? Have any cute DIY ideas? Shout them out!


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