Bling Shot!

When my friends tell me they are engaged or married THE FIRST thing I think to ask is, “Can I see the ring?!” I think it’s because I am a sucker for awesome jewelry, especially rings. I am an avid admirer of the girl who accessorizes every outfit perfectly with the best pair of earrings or the perfect bracelet. I am an admirer, not a doer. The most jewelry I walk out of the house with is a pair of nice earrings. I never took that class on “How to accessorize 101.” I wish I had, because now I’m jealous.

I have two jewelry vices, one I indulge, and one I wish I could indulge in: earrings and rings. Earrings tend to be cheaper so I buy up more of them than anything, but oh how I wish I could buy up all the rings I see and love! So it’s no wonder when I see an engaged girl on the street I want to rush up and stare at her left hand…I don’t…because that would be weird…but I want to!

Now to the worst crime against nature and women everywhere: Blurry engagement ring shots. To a girl like me who just dies to see the rings of her newly engaged Facebook friends, a blurry ring shot couldn’t be worse. STOP IT LADIES! I understand that your first priority is not to the Facebook universe, but if you are going to share your happiest moment with your social network, the least you could do is put up a picture where people can tell you at least have a ring on. For all I know, some of those blurry pics could be twist ties…

So for you jewelry lovers out there, I wanted to share with you some GORGEOUS and creative ring shots from the pros! Since I have an engagement shoot coming up soon, I am also getting inspired by these great bling shot ideas!

Photo By: Harmony Loves

Photo By: ADG Photography

Photo By: ADG Photography

Do you have a creative ring shot? I’d love to see it for inspiration!


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