If You Got It…Flaunt It!

There are so many people who love and appreciate art. So why is it that when it comes to appreciating tattoos that people turn up their noses? There has been a tradition where the bride is supposed to remain unscathed, pure and perfect for her wedding day, but that tradition is slowly turning around as more and more offbeat brides are coming out of the woodwork. They are proud of who they are and what they’ve been through, and their artwork is a map of those life experiences. The bride is no longer compared to a perfect, untouched woman, but instead a strong woman, who has been through a lot to get to this point in her life. Why not show that off?

I personally believe, if you have had some artwork done, your wedding day is the perfect time to showcase it! Your tats are part of you, they are a part of what makes you beautiful! If you got it, flaunt it! I’m not alone here, Allebach Photography not only loves the tattooed bride, they also offer a discount if you want to show off your tats on your big day!

“Tattoos are chosen for a special reason. Spouses are carefully chosen for a special reason. They are two decisions that are not made lightly because they are life-long decisions. They will forever reflect who you are and what is important to you. That is why tattoos and marriages are so important to us.”Allebach Photography

I found their website while I was looking for great bridal tattoo shots and I really love that their brides love their artwork and are willing to let it all out on their wedding day.

For my part, I bought my dress specifically to show off my tats and I can’t wait to add to the canvas!

Are you a Tattooed Bride? Are you hiding or showing? Why?


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