What To Do With The Walls?

We are in love with our venue! It’s so exciting to put a date to our wedding, it’s almost like giving it life. Now it’s really time to put the nose to the grindstone (so to speak…if you actually did that…ouch) and figure out how to decorate the space. It’s great to brainstorm and plan and pin a gazillion pictures to your Pinterest boards, but now that there is a clear venue I can really begin to specifically plan for the space.

I’m sure if you are out there looking around the wedding world you’ve seen a TON of rustic barn weddings. It always seems like the couple found the perfect ready-made barn for their big day, it’s always sunny and wonderful and they had access to all the vintage furniture they needed. My friends, no location is perfect, kinda like a relationship, there are always things that could use a little sprucing.

While our venue comes (literally comes) with tons of vintage items just lying around for use, the walls of the barn are decorated with a sort of fishing theme that doesn’t quite go with the decor I was envisioning. This is Maine, so the fishing theme is certainly appropriate for the area! So now I am faced with the challenge of covering up large expanses of wall decor that can’t be removed.

So I spent the better part of the day looking around for ways to dress up walls in a cheap and efficient way. To be honest, there is very little said about this issue. I would swear that most people must finde a ready-made venue perfect for their wedding.

Here are some of my favorite ways to jazz up walls and make them more wedding-friendly:

I love the idea of the old pictures being hung to show all the weddings in the family’s history! And how easy AND cheap is it to make the paper garland you always made as a kid in kindergarten? I can’t wait to decorate the barn for the wedding! As it turns out we will be able to get into the barn all of Friday and decorate all day if we choose! I think it will be a great way of blending the families, all pitching in to help make the wedding beautiful. It’ll be kind of like a barn raising…well a barn redecorating…

Did anyone else out there have a challenge in decorating their walls? How did you solve it? I am totally open to suggestions!


*I tried everywhere to find the source behind those burlap curtains. Pinterest was telling me it led to spam, so I linked to the board I found it on, if you know the source let me know so I can give credit where credit is due!


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