Here’s A Problem No One Has Ever

We don’t have enough friends. I kid you not. We cannot even fulfill our goal of 50 people who will attend our wedding. So I know now you are all thinking one of two things:

1) Wow these people are LOSERS!

2) I’d LIKE to have their problem!

So even though I would love to write a post about how to trim your guest list, I cannot because I can’t get to a place where trimming is a luxury. So welcome to “Let’s Make Me Feel Better” hour. Kidding. But seriously, we need more friends. When we finished the tentative guest list the boy was offering to invite random hobos to get our numbers up.

I’m going to spin this into a positive if it kills me. SO reasons why a small wedding is AWESOME!

1) CHEAPER! Were you aware that food can cost about $60 per person? That is so scary. 200 people at $60 per person turns into astronomical numbers that I refuse to even calculate! Because of our teeny guest list, we are able to possibly able to do a traditional Maine lobster bake, which would have been way too expensive if we had any more people.

2) Don’t have to worry crowd control. I’ve always imagined a huge wedding would involve major crowds, lots of bumping into people and obnoxious drunk relatives. I also imagine that it would be stressful as a bride to walk around to a room of 200+ people and thank them all for coming! I want to enjoy my wedding, not spend my whole wedding greeting all my guests.

3) With the money you save on paying for meals for everyone you can throw into making all those personal touches that make your day special! For me at least, it is more important making it the best possible wedding for the small amount of people I love, than making a mediocre wedding for a whole bunch of my friends’ friends and my eighth cousin twice removed.

4) Since I’m picky this one isn’t for me, BUT if you have a small wedding you will have more options when it comes to the location of your venue. There are many, many venues out there that will be very accommodating for a fewer amount of people than they would be for several hundred. The sky can be the limit on where you choose to get married!

5) The best one of all: Only the people who totally love and support you will be there on your special day. If you are already set on having a small wedding, then trim down to your heart’s content! I think every couple hopes that everyone who is there is there in support of their love, so if you only invite close friends and family, you can ensure that is totally the case!

So I think I feel a little better about the teeny guest list we have going…

Did anyone else have my problem (I know I highly doubt it…I probably should be so thankful that this is my problem)? If you had a huge list, how did you trim?


One thought on “Here’s A Problem No One Has Ever

  1. Also, I’m totally blog-stalking today but I meant to comment on this last week. We had a capacity of 120 people, and by the time RSVPs came in and with the no-shows, we probably had a little less than 100 guests. It was PERFECT! I had plenty of time to say hi to everyone. I didn’t feel like we invited anyone who didn’t truly want to be there to support us. And best of all, we could feed everyone a good meal and good drinks. So you definitely have the right idea going into this… don’t invite more people just to have a bigger party. I think it’s great that you’re going to have an intimate affair with just your closest loved ones.

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