Re-Hashing Old Projects

So I spend all this time DIY-ing for you guys, but BEHIND the scenes, I do like one project, put together the DIY, and call it quits. This could be the lazy-ness in me. I can no longer do that! We have moved the wedding to 2013 and therefore need to put the crafting into OVERDRIVE. So this past weekend I have done nothing but fold paper, bend wire, and craft bunting. The living room was filled with scattered pieces of paper, hot glue bits, and an un-showered me.

On the plus side, I did a lot of Bachelorette watching…on the negative, it feels like I spent SO MUCH TIME on crafting and barely got anything done. How does that even happen? I have a huge list of things “to do” and I feel like maybe I’ve crossed one thing off that list. Not to mention that a few of my ideas haven’t exactly been panning out lately. So here I am, at a standstill. Anyone else end up feeling this way? It’s like a hurry up and wait feeling…

So to show you what I’ve been doing, I created an inspiration board for your viewing pleasure of what I’ve been up to and some links to the “how-tos” of the past.

Personalized Hangers, A Surprise sewing Gift, Bunting (and more Bunting), & Table confetti!

One more thing! I posted as a guest on Burnett’s Boards! She creates awesome Inspiration boards to get you going on the wedding planning process! Check my guest post out here!


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