Venue Blues *Update*

Well last time I told you about the venue I wanted, I also talked about a difficult catering company that came with it. So, I called the catering/venue place again. I am a second chances kind of girl, and sometimes people have bad or busy days and may not have meant to brush you off.

This time, before I called, I sat down with the boy and made a list of specific questions I had, about mixing menus, how much hors d’oeuvres cost etc. I also had him in the room and the phone on speaker so he could contribute to the conversation if need be. When I called, I asked for the same girl I had been working with, and she happened to have been the one to answer the phone. Her voice seemed to indicate that she was not too pleased to hear from me again. This does not bode well. But I stand my ground and continue to ask the questions I needed answered. Her answers were always only a few words, and not met with any sense that she wanted to collaborate with me.

At this point I am becoming more and more disheartened. It sucks to find a great place to hold your wedding, and then not be able to even have a conversation about what they offer and their pricing. In the middle of my asking another question, she cut me off, saying she had a client coming in. The boy quickly whispered for me to see if we could meet with her, or call her at a better time for her. She simply said that late afternoon was fine (it happened to be late afternoon when I called in the first place so clearly it wasn’t fine), and she followed that up with, “but I can’t really give you any pricing because prices change.” And that was that. No meeting was scheduled, no call time seemed to be best for her.

I seriously felt invisible and so beaten. I didn’t think that it would be this hard negotiating with people. I have to say that I am extremely reasonable. I know that prices change and I am totally ok with that. All I wanted was to work with her, to tailor a menu that was specific to me, and be given a round about price, so I would know how much to save. How much can prices really go up? Hundreds? Thousands of dollars? Maybe I am being unreasonable in asking for a ballpark price specific to me…I dunno.

I did talk to another bride who seemed to have a similar (but not as drastic) issue with her venue. We both decided that it is the booking so far in advance that really bothers them. Wanting to book ahead two years is probably something they aren’t ready for, and unless you are ready to slap down a check right away, they don’t see you as a viable client. It is extremely depressing. I had no idea that getting a ballpark pricing would be this hard. I felt totally expendable, as if I didn’t matter at all.

Well, I don’t wallow. I’ve never really been a wallower. I’m more of a “freak out for a bit then fix it” kind of girl. And at this point, I am pretty sure I am going to have to put this venue at the bottom of the list. If this is how this company is now, who knows what they will be like if I hire them? Maybe it isn’t just about money, maybe they are overbooked, have too many things to deal with. I hate to be kind of bitchy, but I do want to feel like somewhat of a priority to my vendors, even if that’s not the truth, I still want to feel that way.

Now I want to say that THIS is the benefit of doing TONS of research on venues. I have more to choose from. I liked this one best, but it doesn’t seem to be working out, so it goes to the bottom of the list and the next venue is up! In July, I will be visiting Edgewood Farm.

They have a beautiful rustic barn on site. They even have rentals for a small wedding like mine, so, if the price is right, I won’t have to outsource for everything. They also have the option to provide a Pig Roast dinner! How cool is that?! I am optimistic that this will be a great and affordable venue! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Who else has had big vendor frustrations? How have you handled them? Would you go back to this lady or venue? I haven’t ruled it out completely because I love the place so much, but should I?



2 thoughts on “Venue Blues *Update*

  1. So sorry to hear that the caterer is bing a pain! Asking to be a priority is not too much to ask! Hope you have better luck with the next place. Edgewood Farm looks beautiful!

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