Getting the Shots

I have to say that I get more and more excited to take adorable engagement photos every day. It’s probably a little bit of an obsession. I have a Pinterest board devoted to adorable engagement photos. I’ve read many different things as to whether or not to give your photographer a shot list. I think, for engagement shoots at least, you should talk with your photographer about where you want to go with your shoot (if anywhere) and let their creative juices flow. As far as the wedding, make sure you give them all your family members that you want in the group photos, and probably a general idea of what is the most important to you, but as far as the actual shots, that should be up to them. I find that creative minds work better when they don’t feel they have to work within constraints.

I want to send you off this Friday looking at some wonderful photos and hopefully giving you some ideas for your photo shoot. If you want to share your engagement here on the blog let me know! I would love to feature you!

Photo by Adrienne Gunde.

Photos by One Eye Click

Photo by Kay English


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