Check Please…

Last night, I had a wedding disaster dream. It’s started…2 years in advance. As dreams go, it was ludicrous. Someone basically said I had to get married the next day, and, of course, I had nothing, except my dress. We ended up getting married in a dirty restaurant and I remember crying because I wouldn’t have photographs to remember it. So obviously my subconscious thinks photography is just as important as my conscious self.

So who else is getting crazy wedding dreams? I don’t put much stock in dreams, I am pretty sure they are just a mish mosh of things going on in my head, and obviously “wedding” was the predominant thought. I just thought I’d share, because I’d be interested to know what other weird wedding dreams others have had.

Now for the minor discouragement. Money talks. This is a fact, and it sucks.

I called the venue last week, just looking to set up a meeting and talk about what they would have to offer, how “the vision” could work with what they have, and maybe get a price quote. Since the venue price and the catering are lumped together, a price quote is very important. The person I ended up speaking with seemed to want to talk about the basics with me over the phone and I was not prepared. I must have sounded like a complete babbling idiot. I would have been ready for a face to face meeting, but not for an over the phone quick chat. Not to mention it sounded a lot like she really, really wanted to get off the phone. Even at my insistence that I would really like a face to face meeting, she seemed to dodge the question.

That is when I said it: “I can’t put a deposit down till the end of the year.” That was the killer of the conversation. She told me she would e-mail me a round about quote, and then got off the phone. Then it hit me. I wasn’t ready hand over a check, so they wouldn’t be ready to talk any time soon.

This is not a bash on them. Yes, the phone conversation was frustrating, but they of course have a business to run with many, many paying clients. To take the time out to meet with a possible client whose wedding is 2 years away isn’t at the height of their “to-do” list. I think my enthusiasm to book early and find out everything I can is an anomaly in the wedding world. I probably was asking all the questions a person who has already paid asks and on top of that I was spontaneously taking up this person’s valuable time.

It is sadly still a reminder that I am so broke, and cannot move forward when I REALLY, REALLY want to! Has anyone else gotten a little bit of a brush from vendors for one reason or another? How did you handle it? I want to call back and ask for pricing, but I don’t think I will be taking seriously until I say the magic words: “I’m ready to pay.”


7 thoughts on “Check Please…

  1. When I married my now ex husband I dreamed that I was walking down the aisle but it was the wrong wedding! I didntr recognize anyone and there were like 15 attendants and the groom was a faceless man. I kept trying to run and say no, but my feet kept carrying me forward. (I probably should have read a bit more into that dream’ ha!)

    As for vendors. I always, well, lied a bit. I always said my wedding was 4 to 6 months away and that I was ready to book but was between 2 other places ( I even gave out a fake name once). I don’t like lying but if I didn’t, I got the same treatment you did. So

  2. Is there someone else at the venue that you can work with? I don’t think she should treat you that way. Potential customers are just as important as current customers. Maybe if you set up a face to face meeting you will get more attention..? Good luck!! I hope it works out for you.

    • Thanks! I think next time the boy is going to call! I think if he does, they will sit up and listen. It may be sexist, but I think men sometimes get more respect than women when it comes to business deals.

  3. totally random, since we never talk, but I saw you posted your blog on FB and decided to take a look! (i just got married and am still excited by anything wedding related…)

    I wouldn’t take treatment like that from anywhere. For the most part, we picked relatively pricey vendors and we met with every single one of them before we even thought about committing – in every case, they were eager to. Our venue in particular was very prestigious and popular (nearly two weddings every weekend out of the year) and they had no problem meeting with us twice, emailing, answering all of our questions before we put anything down. Don’t take crap! 🙂

    -Lauren O’Grady (now MacKenzie :] )

    • Congrats Lauren! Thanks. I think I’ll have the man call next time to “lay down the law” as it were 🙂
      Hey, if you want, I would love feature your wedding on here 🙂 If your photographer agrees, I can feature the pictures and if you want you can explain the places where you saved and where you spent. I’m trying to branch out and feature other brides on the site.
      Thanks for your comment!

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