You Don’t Ever Have to Sew Again

I have been lamenting not having a sewing machine ever since I started searching for DIY projects. All the adorable cloth projects require at least some sewing. And that is when I heard about an amazing product from, who else, but my momma. She is pretty much a huge wealth of information when it comes to anything crafty. The product is…drum roll please….Stitch Witchery! First of all, awesome name, and secondly a great product! It’s essentially fabric glue, without the mess and bumps of using actual fabric glue.

So now that I have the knowledge of this AWESOME product, I can make the cute fabric bunting I’ve been longing to make. And, of course, as with most of my DIY, I’m going to share it all with you! And you’ll see the magical properties of Stitch Witchery. 🙂

First thing’s first: Materials

You’ll need: As many fabric types you want, go nuts! Twine, a Tape Measure, Scissors, a Ruler, a Pencil some Stitch Witchery Tape, a Hair Straightener (or an iron, the straightener is just more portable) heated to medium heat, and a Cardboard Pattern.

The Cardboard pattern you can make to your own specifications. Mine is 8″ long. The size of this will determine the size of your flag when we are all done.

Alright, grab your favorite fabric and let’s work with that first! Open it up and place your cardboard pattern on the back side of the fabric.

Take your pencil and trace along the sides of the triangle, but not the bottom, then flip the pattern over and trace again on the other side. This forms a diamond shape.

Once you have your diamond shape, cut it out of your fabric. Don’t worry about things being perfect, well at least I didn’t, this is supposed to be rustic! Jagged edges add character!

Now grab your twine and measure out a length you like. The ends of the twine should be longer than the space between the flags. For instance, when I started I measured in 12″ and then between the flags I measured 6″.

Next place your diamond underneath the twine, leaving however much space between the flags as you want. Cut yourself an inch or less of the Stitch Witchery and place that on the fabric underneath the twine.

So um, notice how the fabric is different? Well sometimes when I work I get carried away with the project and forget to take pictures…so I made another one to make up for what I forgot to photograph…oops! At any rate, there is one thing I forgot to picture, but it is really easy. At this point your straightener or iron should be heated to medium heat. Gently pick up your fabric and twine and slide the heated straightener underneath and close it on the little glue strip and twine for about 5 seconds. This is where the Stitch Witchery works its magic and melts to the fabric and the twine adhering them both together. Yes, some will get on your straightener but it is *very* easy to clean, once it’s cooled you can just rub it right off. Now that your twine is adhered to one spot on the fabric, it will be easier to work with. Now cut yourself some longer strips of Stitch Witchery. Whatever the length you made your triangle, that’s the length of strips you need.

Place your strips of Stitch Witchery along the edge of the bottom triangle only. If you want you can also place smaller bits in the middle to ensure it gets totally stuck together, but it’s not necessary.

Now carefully fold the other side of the diamond over the twine and line it up with the bottom triangle. Make sure all the glue strips are tucked in nicely.

Now for the fun magical part again! Take your straightener or iron and move it slowly all around the edges to heat and melt the Stitch Witchery. You shouldn’t hold it over one spot for any length of time, it’s more of a steady movement and heating. It melts pretty quickly so it’s not necessary to get it very hot.

And that’s it! You are done! Now of course we rinse and repeat until you have as many flags as you want! I also bought some white fabric, to which I will probably iron on letters to spell “Thank You,” or “Mr. & Mrs.” I will also certainly just have plain ones. I am super excited that I don’t need to now drop $200 on a sewing machine, and then learn how to use one…yes that’s right ladies, I have no clue how to use a sewing machine. That semester in home economics taught me nothing! Thanks to the magic of the Stitch Witchery, I may never be truly domestic! If I make my future kids’ clothes they will be Stitch Witched together! 🙂 I hope this step by step was helpful! Go forth and create bunting!



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