Life…and Checkers

I am nearing a point in my planning that I want to affectionately refer to as “The Lull.” I have so much to do, and I have no basis or reason to do it. I have done a few projects, the Pinwheel, the Heart Garland, and others, that will be incorporated into the decor, but I can’t do much of anything else. I am sort of in a holding pattern until I can get a comprehensive view of everything that I can feasibly do. It’s the transition from Pinterest to real life. Sure, I’ve pinned many awesome things…now I have to narrow down what I’m executing.

I have the venue I want, but I can’t book it yet. I would love to hire a photographer, but there is no way until I book the venue. I want to make as much decor as possible, but one can only do so much before one runs out of funds. So I am waiting.

Is this a point anyone else has reached? You are just on the cusp of being able to do things, but not quite there, and not sure how to tackle so many tasks? Sometimes, many times, when faced with an insurmountable task that is so far in the future, I get so lost in the planning, and when it comes time to buckle down and do it, I am so overwhelmed that I procrastinate. How awful would it be to have so much time to get all the projects accomplished, and then I procrastinate? Now you’re getting a glimpse of my college life…

So in this phase, this “Lull” I opened my old friend Photoshop and started messing around. After playing with a few random things, my tired brain came up with this:

Wedding Checkers. Alright, I know it sounds a little corny, but I think it could actually be really cool! Remember the confetti I did on Monday? Well why not use them as decoration AND as “checkers”?

I can’t take full credit for this idea. You can see it on my Games Inspiration Board. But the design is my own. I think the best thing about the wedding is that all the branding will be my own creation. It’s giving our wedding the personal touch I love. I hope to call our wedding less of a typical gathering and more of a work of art. That is, if I can buckle down and NOT procrastinate.


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