Heart Confetti DIY

So after all the flower centerpieces, the books, the table numbers, the tea cups get arranged in the center, I wanted to have something cute and adorable scattered around it all, and thus the confetti idea was born. I could technically just get a little hole punch of a cute shape and just punch a lot of paper…but of course that would be too simple, and I like to make things complicated…well I prefer the word, unique. So for those unique brides out there, who think conventional confetti is what they’ll expect, try my 3D Origami Heart Confetti. It sounds complicated but I swear it’s really simple.

Let’s of course start off with what you need:

You’ll need: A horrible book you don’t want anymore (in this case a nasty old fantasy novel of my fiance’s…he didn’t want it anymore I promise), A ruler, Scissors, and a Pencil

Everything in my wedding is made out of paper! I swear I must be killing about 80 trees with all this paper!

So first rip a page out of the book you don’t want. I know this can be painful, defacing books was difficult for me, but this one looks so horrible I wasn’t too worried. Then measure from the straight edge of the page horizontally and make two hash marks

One mark goes at 3/4 in and the other at 1& 1/2 in. Continue to make those marks all the way down your page so you have the ability to draw a complete straight line.

Draw two straight lines where you’ve marked and proceed to cut them out.

Take your two long pieces, and fold them in half, and cut along that fold

You should now have 4 equal pieces, mine ended up being 4 inches long

I don’t know who ADP Small Business is, but they are getting a lot of free advertising…

Depending on the book you choose to chop up, yours may be longer or shorter. I would say it shouldn’t be shorter than 3″ and it shouldn’t be longer than 5″. If it’s shorter than 3″ I’m sorry, and I’ve failed as an awesome tutorial person…you’ll have to start again and measure. If it’s longer than 5″ then just chop it on down to the length you want.

Now we begin the folding portion. BONUS POINTS: If you remember how to fold a paper football (like when you wanted to covertly play football in class when the teacher wasn’t looking) then you can skip a head to after the “football” is complete OR if you are super patriotic and know the proper way to fold the american flag you may also skip ahead because the next portion is all about teaching you how to fold that triangle shape.


The folding pretty much continues on like this. You are folding along the line that is always diagonal or horizontal toward the long end of your paper. Here are two more photos to further hammer home the folding technique, but I think you got it. 🙂

Alright, I think that’s enough. Here’s what it should look like when you’ve reached the end. You should have enough hanging off that you can easily do one more fold, also the horizontal fold should be the one that you can do next, like in the picture above.

Now that is way too much tail so I’m going to trim that a little bit, still leaving enough to hang over, I would say a little less than half an inch? That’s just a guess. Also you want to cut the corners diagonally so it looks kinda like a trapezoid…that’s right, didn’t think you’d have to remember grade school geometry today did you?

Alright so now we are going to take our trapezoidal flap and tuck it in to the pocket created by all those folds

Tuck it in the furthest pocket away from the flap

Ta-da! Looks like a little paper football doesn’t it?! Those of you who skipped to here know what I mean! I was never good at paper football…so I’ll just make it heart-shaped. Take your finger and press down on the longest part of the triangle. This puffs it out, and makes the dent for the heart shape.

So it looks…ok…those edges are kind of pointy, so we just need to take the scissors and round them off. I swear we are ALMOST done! Stay with me!

And you are done! Well…sort of. To make it confetti you have to make more than one…you have to make A LOT. For this, you absolutely don’t have to use book pages, you can use ANY paper. Also, once you know how to do it, it goes by really quickly. If you don’t want to take the time to measure, cut and fold at the beginning, you can just cut strips about 5″ long and wing it. These are not an exact science, and since they are so small, no one will see tiny imperfections. Enjoy! Now if you excuse me I have about A MILLION of these to make…

Check out some more of these on my Inspiration Boards page!


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