Organized Inspiration

I know those crazy brides…the ones with the HUGE binders where every detail of the wedding is planned out down to when she pees, and who goes with her to hold her dress. I don’t want to be one of those brides. But…

Well really, what do you show the caterer when you are describing the cake you want? What do you show the event coordinator when talking about your table arrangements? You have to have SOMETHING to show for it right? So I broke down and made…a book. Now don’t freak out. There is no way I’m going to plan my pee break times or anything, I just needed a place to keep all my ideas together.

It’s nothing fancy, and I’ve just started, so it’s quite meager at the moment.

If you are an avid reader, you know I spend countless hours trolling the internet trying to figure out what I love and don’t love, and what I think our vision is.  You can pin all the pictures you want to Pinterest but you need some way to make them portable, and organized. It’s a simple scrapbook (I’m weird and have extras of those lying around the house) and I started making my own inspiration boards. Then all I did was print out my boards and stick them in the sleeves of the scrapbook. The boards then go into “The Book” so I can bring that with me. Props to the people who put together inspiration boards! It takes me at least a half hour to do each one!

Here’s my board for what’s going to go into my table décor. The only things not in it are the flowers, since they are being made, I don’t have pictures.

Courtesy Right to left:

Stacked booksFlower PotsScrabble Coasters, “I do, Me too” Forks, Tea Cup & Flower, Book Table Number, Tea Cup and Books, Origami Hearts

I’m working on other boards as well, hopefully I will eventually have a comprehensive list of the elements of our wedding in picture form! As I put together more boards I will post them. All the photos will be from my Pinterest, or ones I took myself, but where they came from will always be on them as well! You can check out my personal inspiration boards on a new page I’m adding to my site. Every time I make a board, I will post it here, and you can look at it all together. Please, please, please comment! I need all the styling help I can get! I love to hear new and fresh ideas!


4 thoughts on “Organized Inspiration

  1. I love that you have a book! And I don’t think it makes you crazy – whatever it takes to feel organized is exactly what you need to keep you calm and able to fully enjoy your day. Good luck!

  2. I hear ya! Much to my dismay I totally turned into one of those uber organised brides too and geeked out on table arrangement etc – but it just makes everything so much easier! BTW loving those engraved knifes and forks! Such a cool idea!

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