Hanging Hearts

Whenever I see something totally cute for wedding décor and it comes without a tutorial, my heart is a little bit sad. Fortunately, this wonderful garland I am about to show you is SO simple to make no tutorial is really needed…but I did one anyway. 🙂

I found these, of course, looking at wedding blogs, and thought they would be an awesome ceremony decoration, as well as reception!

So of course, first thing’s first, what do you need:

Scrapbook paper 12×12 is best, but any will do (I’m using the same vintage style paper I used for the Pinwheels I got the whole book at a craft store)

Hot Glue Gun


Hole Punch



Take out one piece of scrapbook paper and measure 1” in wide and make a mark

Now we have to measure the length. For one heart you need one 12” piece, and two 9”, 6”, and 3” pieces. Make sure you measure well and draw straight lines…otherwise your heart will come out all wonky.

Once you have measured out all of your sizes, cut them all out and pair them up with each other.

Now the gluing starts! We start with the 12” piece and one 3” piece. Take your 3” piece and glue on the back of it towards the bottom (my paper is double-sided so I chose which side I wanted to be the back).

Then line the bottom of the 3” with glue, and the bottom of your 12” up and press together.

Next take your 3” paper, and glue the top side, and this time glue the side that is supposed to be the outside of your heart.

Then bend the 3” over to form one side of your heart, and adhere it to the 12” piece.

Rinse and repeat for the second 3” strip. Once this is done, you should see a small heart. We start the process again with the 6” piece.

And so on and so forth until all the pieces are placed and you have a nice heart shape. You may have to play with the shape of your strips of paper a little to get the desired heart shape. Once all the pieces have been assembled your heart looks like this:

The reason why I made the center piece 12” is so you have the freedom to hang these however you want. You can leave it long, cut it different lengths, or make them all the same length. Whatever your vision is, run with it! To show you one way, I chopped off most of the 12” strip and punched a hole through the top:

For these hearts, I like the hanging idea like the picture in the beginning, so I strung some twine through the hole punch to create garland:

And that’s all there is to it! Run with it! Do whatever you want! Let me know how it works out!


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