Pinwheel Project

This week I must have felt like creating. I may have inspiration from all my Pinteresting but because my wedding is so ridiculously far away, crafting things that will keep, and store, is very difficult, and SO much depends on the venue!

I’m really excited about this pinwheel project because it is adorable and SO easy! After visiting the venue, I think these pinwheels will fit in really well, and they literally take 5 minutes!

First off get your materials together. You’ll need:

Scrap booking paper (2 pages 12×12)

Hot Glue Gun

Hole Punch




12” dowels (only one goes into a pinwheel, so have as many as you want)

Ruler (optional)

Pencil (optional)

Believe it or not I had all this stuff around my house, I guess that’s what happens when you start planning a DIY wedding, you have random dowels lying around.

After you’ve gathered everything, and plugged in your hot glue gun, separate out your pieces of paper

Your scrapbook paper can be thick or thin, but the thicker the paper, the more the pinwheel will hold it’s own, but when you hang it up, that won’t matter.

Fold your paper in half…

and then cut it in half

This is where you ruler and pencil can come in. Instead of folding in half and cutting along the fold, you can measure to make sure you are exactly in half and cut along the pencil line. Since this isn’t an exact science kind of project, and I am extremely impatient, I didn’t bother. Repeat this with your second scrapbook page.

Once you have all four pieces stack them on top of each other and do your accordion/fan fold.

Your folds can be as big or as small as you want. The smaller the fold, the more intricate the finished pinwheel will be. If you are making a bunch, different sizes and different sized folds would make for an interesting collage.

Separate all your pieces, and get ready to staple them all together.

If you have an image on your scrapbook paper, make sure you line your accordion folds so that the image carries through. Also notice how my two pages look different, I like the look of having two different pages on my pinwheel, but you can also have two of the same. It’s your project! I won’t be the one to box in your creativity!

Line up the paper how you want it and staple it together. If you don’t want staples to show on your finished product, use glue dots, they are very “no hassle” and look good, I just didn’t have any lying around. Surprising right?

When you are all done, it looks like this:

The next step takes a little bit of wrangling. You need to flatten your accordion circle. To do this, you stand it up on its end (like in the picture above), and push in the bottom end while pulling out the top. The paper will not want to do this (stubborn paper that it is) and will fight you the whole way, but eventually it will fall into place.

The bottom becomes the middle of the circle and the top becomes the outside. While holding the middle of the circle so it doesn’t pop back up, grab your dowel and lay it down between the accordion folds.

The dowel holds the shape of the pinwheel in place. Now that you have it placed, with your hand still on the center of the pinwheel, slide the dowel out. It’s hot gluing time!

Grab the glue gun and glue where you want to place your dowel.

Slide the dowel back in and let cool.  You can go back over the dowel with the glue gun for good measure, it doesn’t have to look pretty, this is the back of the pinwheel.

You are all done! Once the glue is dry you can hang it!

You can use your hole-punch and twine to hang it, or you can string multiple ones together using the twine. That is all it takes! Five minutes and a few inexpensive materials for a really cool end product!


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