Table Numbering Tasks

It’s pouring rain outside, which at least makes it a good day for crafting, but instead I feel like curling up in bed with a good book. The second best thing to that is seriously making my daily rounds of the wedding world and crazily pinning to my Pinterest boards. Tea, PJs, and weddings is a good way to begin the day!

I don’t think I was ever truly aware how much stuff went into a wedding until I started planning one. Me before was, “Oh yeah, just give me a dance floor, a dress and a man and I’m good to go!” Me now is quite different. Suddenly everything has to match with the theme and little details have become so important. I make lists now. I NEVER used to make lists. I do now have one more thing to cross off the list, table numbers. Me before would have said, “Go to a diner and borrow their table number cards!” Me now has been through too much Pinteresting and knows that that thought was ludicrous. So to start off, here is some table number inspiration (or eye candy as I like to call it).

At first I thought I would like to stay within the rustic vintage theme, so here are two that I really love:

Click the image for the DIY tutorial!

More DIY for the clicking!

While I especially love this doorknob table number, I wanted to tie in the literary theme better so here are a few literary numbers I found:

Ok, we’re getting warmer, but not quite there yet. I love the use of the books as table numbers, but I want to use them differently. The answer finally came through a fellow blogger’s inspiration boards. Burnett’s Boards is a great site, she posts some great inspiration boards, obviously, because it is there I got my inspiration for my table numbers!

This is how the professionals do it. I am a little embarrassed to show my lettering technique as it is clearly not up to snuff but I think they came out ok. Maybe next time I’ll use a stencil letter.

I do like the way they turned out (once I erase the pencil I used to trace the letters with). These will go really well with my centerpiece plan too! I should only have to make about 3 more and half of my  centerpiece is complete. I have to say, I really do like this DIY thing!


3 thoughts on “Table Numbering Tasks

    • I chose some random books that we bought at Goodwill. The Goodwill books are so cheap, I think we got 4 or 5 hardcovers for five bucks. Your welcome for the link! Thanks for the blogroll add!

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