Venue Visit!

This past Tuesday in Maine couldn’t have been more gorgeous. It was 80! It is rare that 80 degrees happens in Maine, in April. It was a perfect day to check out my number one venue. We set out at 11:30am for a noon appointment with Pineland Farms, the owners of the Merrill Farmhouse.

We met with the woman who was to show us around on the main Pineland campus, and we then followed her out to the farmhouse. Pineland itself was in a remote location, and the farmhouse and barn were even more remote. This is a huge plus for us, as we hope to have an outdoor wedding, we know that we will remain mostly undisturbed.

We are driving down a small country road, and looking up, at the top of the hill is this adorable farmhouse and barn.

We pull into a very small driveway and park in a tiny parking area. And I mean very tiny. This is our first “con,” if you will, very limited parking. The exterior of the venue is really breathtaking. It overlooks large rolling farmland which would make a wonderful backdrop for any ceremony.

On the other side of the farmhouse is a different farm, not owned by Pineland, with dairy cows. This is sort of a half “con” for me. I love cows and I actually like the way they smell…I know…weird. So for me, this is not a draw back. However, thinking of my guests, would they necessarily like smelling cows during our wedding?

I took a bunch of pictures of the exterior, but not being an awesome photographer, here are just a few.

She then took us inside the farmhouse. It. Was. Amazing. The farmhouse has been fully restored; it is fully furnished and very antique looking. It is definitely a getaway place for a large group. It’s cozy, yet HUGE inside. The house is a great place to host the rehersal dinner! It has plenty of seating and a big enough kitchen to cook tons of food.

And, of course, I found the perfect spot for some great dress photographs to be taken!

And now, the pièce de résistance, the barn:

It’s probably everything I’ve hoped for in a barn. Big enough for what we need, but intimate as well. Both doors on either end open, and one reveals the rolling hills in the back. It’s rustic, but also well kept. It even comes with lights wrapped around the poles!

After taking in everything, the venue is really everything I’d hoped for. Of course, there are a few “cons” thrown into everything. Besides what I previously mentioned, another “con” is that we will not be able to decorate the barn until 2 hours before everything starts. This of course was countered by the fact that the catering staff will do a walk through with you so you can show them how everything should be set up, and they will do all the setting up for you.

Probably the biggest “con” of all is the on site catering that comes with the venue rental, is pretty expensive. The venue is SO affordable, but the catering costs tip our budget just a bit too much. It may be possible to negotiate if we go with a simpler menu, which is totally fine with me. Seriously, I would be completely ok with burgers and fries. It certainly would be more like a family reunion that way!

I am really excited about this place! It looks wonderful and if the price is right, this will be the place where I marry my sweetie!


2 thoughts on “Venue Visit!

  1. I love the photos! The farmhouse does look as nice as it does on the web! I can’t wait to see it in all person!

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