Coloring Mine

I used to be a Girl Scout. Looking back on it now, I’m not sure why. I’m not usually “organized group” type of person. But I actually was a Girl Scout all the way up through one of the highest levels. When I quit, I took away two things. Number one: Girl Scout cookies have to be among the best cookies ever made. And number two: I learned good crafting skills. Unfortunately as I got older, number two sort of became rusty. However I did retain from my stint in the Girl Scouts the knowledge of a great place where you can paint your own dishware: Color Me Mine.

How it works:

They have tons of different sculpted, unfired, ceramic pieces for you to pick. They have everything from statuettes, to teapots, to dishware. All the prices should be listed on the ceramic pieces, but you can also ask the attendants for prices.

Once you’ve picked a piece, you pick your colors! All the colors you have to pick from look pastel. This is not the case when they are fired. Depending on the paint you choose, and how many coats you choose to give it, it can come out as dark as you need it to be!

When you have your paint and your ceramic piece, you can let the creative juices flow! Here are some pieces done by others:

The last platter is a pretty neat guest book idea! Paint a little of a platter and bring it unfired to the wedding for people to sign, then bring it back to Color Me Mine for the firing, and you have a very useful guest book!

I love the idea of having personalized wedding dishware for the wedding party. Granted, I’m not going to have a large wedding party, but I also think it would be nice for our parents to have some as well. Not to mention, Color Me Mine also hosts lots of parties and I think it would be great to hold a bridal shower there. Or, we can go as a couple for a date night, and design something for each member of the wedding party to take home. Either way, I really want our wedding to be filled with personal touches, and this is such a great way of doing that.


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