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I never want to look back on my day and wonder, “Who came to my wedding?” Part of the reason we’re having a small wedding is so we know everyone there. I never understood why it’s so important for fourth cousins twice-removed to be at a wedding. Family is important, but if I never met you, just because we may share some blood, doesn’t mean we know each other. As a result our guest list is quite short. This also opens up the possibility for really creative guest books!

I want to give our guests, who will ultimately be the people who know us best, the chance to write something really heartfelt, as well as have fun doing it! Of course, as with everything thing else at this point, I haven’t been able to settle on one guest book I like the best. So here are a few that are in the running.

This is an awesome DIY idea! It would be so easy to draw up a tree, and just provide some stamp ink and a pen for guests to write on. It’s also something that won’t just get put in a closet somewhere, you can actually hang it on your wall to remember your day.

I’ve kind of fallen in love with this idea. I love the fact that I can own an actual quilt with everyone’s well wishes on it! It’s so old world and homey. I feel like if fabric markers had existed during the pioneer times, this would have been what they would have done!

I feel like this is becoming more and more popular. The good thing about this is, once you put it together, you can either, take it apart and put it together as much as you want, or you can glue all the pieces together and frame it. I think it would make a neat piece of wall art. However, I get so frustrated with puzzles I think this would just make me mad.

I really love this idea! It especially works for a really retro wedding! Polaroid photos just have that retro feel that makes them look old even though they were just taken. The only thing is, your guests might not want to see themselves in Polaroid, that flash can be unforgiving!

My favorite by far, but probably the least accommodating, is the dictionary guest book. This is something I definitely want, but I will use it in addition to the main guest book. Guests circle the word they feel describes the couple or the day the most. It really goes along with our literary theme, but doesn’t exactly leave room for anyone to write anything additional. It’s a good (and cheap!) add-on piece for the guest book table.

Hope these help spark your imagination! I’m still flip-flopping around wondering what I’m going to do. I’ll just add it to the list I suppose. Do you have any more unique ideas for a guestbook? Let me know!


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