Folding Flowers

Finally! Paper came in the mail! I have now started fiendishly folding flowers! Oh how I love alliteration! I have been continuing to make the Kawasaki Rose, but I have expanded my horizons to other origami options (there’s that alliteration again). My first thought upon getting all this paper: “What am I going to do with all the colors I don’t need?

This is where the photobooth comes in! I always thought I would use a vintage style fabric as the backdrop, but since I have all this extra paper, why not use it? So I am making at least a thousand paper cranes of all different colors (and maybe sizes) to form a backdrop. Here’s an example of what one might look like:

She even shows you how to make the paper cranes on her site. For me, I learn better from a video so I went on You Tube for a tutorial. Cranes are pretty simple, especially compared to the Kawasaki Rose.

Another fun fact about origami paper is that it comes in tons of different sizes. How is one to know what size is perfect? So I tried all different kinds.

My mom is helping me out with flowers, and I am trying to match the sizes so it all looks uniform. It is still unclear how they will work into the grand scheme of everything, I’m sure I will somehow figure that out.

I was also thinking of making the smallest ones for a kind of table confetti, they might be cute to put around the centerpiece as an added decoration.

So here comes the sharing part of the post, I have tattoos (gasp!), the three I love best are on my back, three butterflies. No one told me butterflies were cliché till after I got them done, but nonetheless, they mean a lot to me.

In fact, I bought my dress specifically so they would be seen. My mom actually had the idea to incorporate butterflies in the theme of the wedding too, drawing them into the centerpieces as well as possibly bouquets. Lo and behold, there is also a way to make origami butterflies!

Here is my first attempt:

Personally, for what I’m going for, I am going to make the butterfly with the smallest paper, I think it’ll be more delicate.

And last, but not least, of all the origami creations, I have found a lily I really like. A lot of the origami lilies look like this:

But I wasn’t a fan of the sharp points coming out of the center. It sort of makes it look like the lily from hell about to devour you. So instead I found a better tutorial on making a lily where those points don’t stick out. You can view the video how-to here. Here is the result:

As of right this moment I have no idea how this will all come together, however I may pass off the floral baton to my mother, who has been kicking butt at making awesome flowers. Here’s a little taste of the first few flowers she has ever made:

I think she has a natural talent for it! So I might just be the one folding origami roses to fall into place with these flowers and then she gets to be my florist. She assures me her bill is in the mail. 😉

What all of this has taught me is, #1 making flowers is a lot of work and shouldn’t be undertaken unless you have LOTS of time before your wedding and #2 that I actually love origami! Believe it or not, I am kinda good at this paper-folding thing, and it is quite therapeutic and fun to do! If anyone wants origami roses for their party or wedding, I’m your gal, otherwise, call my mom.


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