THE Dress, And Changing Out Of It

So of course I live in Maine, but my parents live in New Jersey. It makes planning a wedding together a little difficult. But I didn’t let the distance stand in my way when it came to the most important aspect of the wedding: the dress. One of the first things I did after we put the ring on layaway, is plan a trip to New Jersey to go dress shopping. There is no way I would go dress shopping without my momma! She is probably the staple family member every daughter should have with her when picking the most important dress of her life. We actually spent just two days shopping. We went to about 5 different places but it wasn’t until we found the last place that I found the dress.

Let me say this to brides who haven’t gone dress shopping yet; it’s hard! If you are a lover of all things girly, and you love feeling like a princess, dress shopping is SO hard! Literally EVERY dress was wonderful. I wanted a wedding for each dress I tried on! Here are a few I tried at David’s Bridal:

These were all very beautiful, and really made me feel so princess-like. Especially the last one, which I really did fall in love with. It was also the first dress I tried on. I think, and brides correct me if I’m wrong, but a girl always has a special bond with the first wedding dress she tries on, whether it’s “the one” or not. After our excursion to David’s we went to little bridal boutiques. There are good points and bad points about going to a chain store versus going to a privately owned boutique. The chains can have more variety and much better deals and prices. However, you do run the risk of a thousand other girls having the same dress as you that year. For me, I was fine with other people wearing the dress I’d picked, but it just so happened that “the one” didn’t come from the chain store. Isn’t that always the way? You find something you really love, and of course it comes from the place with the most expensive prices.

The up side about boutiques is that you can look at dresses that not many people have seen before. There is something to be said about digging through tons of dresses to find something unique. I think you have a better shot at unique when you go to a boutique store. The other great thing is the personal attention! It is so nice to feel that people are invested in you and your wedding when you go to a small shop. For instance, at the show where I purchased my dress, I was assigned a consultant, but the owner also came over to work with me, in addition the head (and I’m sure only) seamstress came out to consult me about the alterations to my gown. It was a very nice overall experience.

I would love to show you my gown, I found a picture of it online! However, my fiance reads my blog too, and I want the gown to be a surprise (what bride doesn’t), so I can only direct you to my Pinterest board, where he was specifically instructed not to go, and if you scroll down, you should see only one dress is posted in that board, that’s the one! A front and back shot!

After I had on my gown, I really didn’t want to take it off! But what about in August? Will I be too hot? Can I get my groove on in it? Will I want to? Lately, I have been considering a change. Lots of girls seem to do a change now. I guess it is so, when the party gets going, they can be more comfortable. Here are some really adorable dresses I looked at on Ruche:

While these are so pretty (I actually am getting the first dress I loved it so much), I am still lingering on the thought of taking off my first dress. I remember not wanting to take it off at the store, and how I really felt in it. While it may be practical to change into something more comfortable, I’m not sure I want to. I only get one night with my dress, I want to make all the hours count. So here’s what I think I will do: I will buy a second dress, and when it is time to leave the party and drive off into the night with my hubby, I will change into something new. I love the concept of a new outfit, but I don’t know that I will want to part with the dress.


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