Dessert Dilemma

I had a panicked thought the other day. What do I do if someone doesn’t like cake? For awhile I had been naively thinking that everyone likes cake…I mean, it’s moist delicious wonderment in your mouth! Who wouldn’t like that? But sadly, it is true; shockingly some people don’t enjoy cake. Sadly for those people, I am kind of broke. So instead of going all out on a dessert bar, I am thinking of taking things a little more simply.

There are three ideas ping-ponging around right now. Idea number one: a hot chocolate bar!

I admittedly thought of this when there was no dessert in the house one day. I dearly love to bake (especially cake…because seriously who doesn’t love cake?) so there is always some sort of confectionary delight in our house. Unfortunately, the last delicious morsel had been eaten by my hubby-to-be and I was left dessert-less. I went back to work craving a sweet treat, and thought I would go grab some hot chocolate, sweet, filling, and not too bad on the calories either! That’s when I thought, “Why not hot chocolate?” I was fairly certain it would be inexpensive to put together, and it would be fun for guests to put their own cup together. We could also very simply make these spoons to go with it:

They would make a really fun swizzle stick for the hot chocolate! There is one downside. Our wedding is to be in August, and it might not go over well to have hot chocolate, in hot August.

Idea number two is certainly very refreshing on a hot day, but sadly less dessert-like: A Lemonade Bar.

It is such a cute idea that I have a hard time crossing it off the list, even if it isn’t really a dessert-y type thing. There are ways to amp up the dessert aspect though, like adding lemon candies and maybe rock candy to the bar.

Also if venue allows, maybe throw in some hard lemonade too! This idea is also very workable with caterers. If lemonade is something they can offer, you just need to provide the styling to make it look the way you want!

Idea number three is by far the most dessert-like, but also the most expensive: S’mores Bar!

How cute for an outdoor wedding! It would run perfectly for my theme! The only thing that is stopping me from running out and purchasing everything is the cost. It may be something you can work with your caterer on, at least with perhaps providing extra gel-fuel canisters for roasting, but I think a lot of the materials would be all on the bride and groom to provide.

I don’t have a favorite! I don’t think I can choose! Maybe I will take a page from Marie Antoinette’s book and just say, “Let them eat cake!”


4 thoughts on “Dessert Dilemma

  1. All these ideas are really cute! My brother and sister in law had a candy bar with treats and little bags to put them in. It was a huge success!

  2. All of those are so cute, you have great taste (ha, puns)! Maybe if you did token-size pieces of cake, you could do two types of dessert and not break the budget? Also, you’re right about caterers doing lemonade as an add-on. Mine is doing it for an extra .99 per person (although I guess that can add up, depending on how big your wedding is!). Good luck!

  3. I like the lemonade idea, with some assorted cookies for the guests to munch upon. Or, perhaps some ice cream to go along with the cake?

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